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Cachar Travel Guide

Cachar is one of the oldest districts in Assam and also of North East India. This district was found during the British period and is spread over a large area of land. The headquarters of this district is located at Silchar, which is also one the popular travel destinations in the state. The place is full of flora and fauna and has tropical evergreen vegetation. Comprising of several tourist attractions, this district is worth spending a holiday in the state.

An Insight into Cachar Tourism

Silchar which is the headquarters of the district is counted as one of the must visit places in Cachar, Assam. This town is situated on the bank of the River Barak and has derived its name from the word Shil which means bank of stones. This place specially attracts the polo lovers as the world’s first polo club was formed in this town in 1859.

About a distance of 20kms from Silchar is Khaspur which is also one of the notable sightseeing places in Assam. This place clearly reflects the rich cultural heritage of the state. The top things to do here include visiting the sun gate, lion gate and the beautiful king’s temple. One can also find the remains of the ancient Kachari Kings at Khaspur.

The famous Shiva Mandir which is about 35kms from Silchar is also amongst well known tourism places of the district. It is located at the top of the Bhuvan hills and many devotees from all over the country visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

The temple houses the idols of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Another attraction very near to this temple is the Maniharan Tunnel where the holy waters of Tribeni flows and many people visit here to take bath. Number of festivals are also celebrated here along with a fun fair where the people of Assam and other nearby places come to participate.

The Kachari Fort is another tourist spot at Khaspur. It is a historical monument that depicts the rich non Aryan culture of the ancient era and is an important part of tourism in this district. The palace of Kachari Kings is an attraction here that is not be missed out on your tour. Also, people often visit the famous Kancha Kanti Kali Temple on their visit to Silchar where the Goddess that is being worshipped is a combination of Kali and Durga.

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Tourist Places to See in and around Cachar

Amongst the best places to visit in Cachar district is Khaspur. The top things to do here is visiting the sun gate, lion gate and the king’s temple. One can also find the remains of the ancient Kachari Kings at Khaspur. While in Silchar, amongst the top places for visiting is the Shiva Mandir that is located on Bhuvan Hills. Another attraction close to this temple is the Maniharan Tunnel where the holy waters of Tribeni flows and devotees visit here to take bath.

Where to Stay in Cachar?

Cachar still remains a lesser explored region, and thus, the number of the accommodation places here is quite less. Most of the travellers stay in Silchar which has comparatively more hotels than the other places of the region. Silchar has some high end hotels as well along with budget options, which makes it the most preferred place to stay in Cachar region. There are few government circuit houses and lodges here and there in the area that can also provide decent accommodation.

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