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Goalpara Travel Guide

The Goalpara district of Assam is one such travel destination which is endowed with scenic beauty and several archaeological collections. Tourism to this part of North East India is said to be very interesting for the travelers who love to explore the historical relevance of the place.

An Insight into Goalpara Tourism in Assam

It is an administrative district of the state and is located on the southern part Brahmaputra River. The district has many tourist attractions owing to which it has become an important tourist hub of the state of Assam.

Surya Pahar is a distinct tourist spot of the district and is referred as one of the must visit places in Goalpara, Assam. This archaeological site is a confluence of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. One can witness here several Shiva lingams made of granite and the statues of Lord Buddha being engraved on the site. Some of the identifiable Jain figures found here include the idols of Adinath and Tirthankaras.

There is also a garden of medicinal plants that can be seen at this site. The blend of three religions found here makes the place even more unique and attractive.

The other sightseeing places of this destination include a visit to the Dadan Hill which has a temple of Lord Shiva nestled at top of the hill.

The whole area is endowed with scenic beauty and feels wonderful to explore the site. This place also attracts the adventure lovers to get indulged in many daring activities like river rafting and rock climbing at the Tukreswari Rock.

The other tourist places comprise of famous spots like the Pir Majhar, Sri Sri Chaitnya Gaudiya Math, Buraburi Than and the Sri Sri Joybhum Kamakhya. These above mentioned sites are notable religious places which are considered to be extremely pious, and thus is visited by several followers of different religions. The Shyamrai Sattra is another place at Goalpara, which is the center of the Vaishnavite culture and makes for an inevitable visit during this tour. The Nandeswar Devalaya and Tukreswari are the famous religious sites of the district both of which have interesting mythological stories attached to them.

Goalpara has two tea gardens, namely Moijonga and Simlitola. As we all know how famous Assam is for tea, and thus, visits to these special places are one of the top things to do here. Moreover, the holiday packages tailored by us for our clients are sure to render enjoyable holidays at Goalpara.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Goalpara

Goalpara is dotted with numerous religious places of which some are of historical importance. Surya Pahar is a significant site as it boasts to be the confluence point of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Here lies several Shiva Lingas made of granite. One can also witness a statue of Lord Buddha here. The other tourist places at Goalpara are that of Pir Majhar, Sri Sri Chaitnya Gaudiya Math, Buraburi Than and the Sri Sri Joybhum Kamakhya.

Where to Stay in Goalpara?

Goalpara has few accommodation options. Mainly budget hotels hotels and a guest house here and there can be found in the district. However, the places are well-kept and cater to all the basic needs of the visitors.

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