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Hojai Nagaon

Hojai is a new district in the state of Assam and was formed in the year 2015 on the Independence Day. It is also the headquarters of the new district formed with the combination of three tehsils Doboka, Lanka and Hojai. It was formerly a part of the Nagaon district. The place is popular for its transformation of a tehsil to a district with two other tehsils and is an amazing place with lots of natural amusements around the place. It is also known as the granary of Assam and is the centre of Agar perfume industry and is an important wholesale market of rice.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The newly formed district has Kerelajan City Centre and Kampur Fru as the two tourist spots. Apart from that you can go and visit the serene Akashigaag waterfalls and Akashiganga Lake. You can also go sightseeing in the nearby area of Hojai.

Getting There

The new district of Hojai is well connected with the bus stations and regular state buses. You can take auto rickshaws from these bus stands and explore the nooks and corners of this district. You can also avail cabs and taxis to reach this district from nearby places.

Hojai Nagaon, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the recommended time to visit the place because rest of the year it is either too hot or raining heavily.

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