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Heritage Tourism in Assam

With tales of conquest, dominance, victory, and chivalry, Assam has a long history, from the Paleolithic period to colonial conquest, backed by the innumerable stranded ruins; reverent yet thought-provoking shrines; grass carpeted cemeteries, and incredible wildlife. When it comes to historical tours there are many places to explore in Assam but it's the temples that attract the maximum attention. Especially the famous ones like Kamakhya Temple, Navagraha Temple, Umananda Temple, and Basistha Ashram, each with a charm of its own, and grand epics that further add to the intrigue. When it comes to the spiritual enlightenment, another place that is worth mentioning is Poa Mecca, which is believed to have the 1/4th sanctity of Mecca. Even the wildlife reserves have a share of history too. With Mother Nature’s most fabulous creations and wildlife reserves like Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park, Assam hosts an emblematic concentration of wildlife, which makes them a highlight even in the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Assam owes a lot of its history to Ahom dynasty, the determined rulers who have ruled over the state between the 13th and the 18th century. Owing to them, Assam got Asia’s first amphitheater, Rangghar in Sivasagar sharing space with various other archaeological sites like Da-Parbatia, Madan Kamdev, Agnigarh, Suryapahar, Deoparbat, Ambari excavations, and Moidams. The archaeological sites of Assam have a deep mythological connection too, which can be seen in the form of attractions in Tezpur, the City of Eternal Romance. In Assam, one can find a heady mix of nature, and history too in the form of Majuli, the best place to visit in Assam. One of the largest riverine islands in India, Majuli has a good number of Satras too, established by Sankardeva and Madhavdeb. Other prominent attractions that one should explore over a historical tour to Assam are Sualkuchi, Jorhat, Sualkuchi, Borduwa, and Guwahati.

Heritage Tourist Attractions in Assam

No wonder, there are fewer places in India that offers so much variety when it comes to historical attractions. Rich in history and architecture, Assam is home to a host of heritage sites. So plan a trip to Assam to discover the hidden gateways to timeless art and architecture

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