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Originally known as Mikir Hill, Karbi Anglong or the land of the Karbis is one of the largest districts in Assam. It has rolling hills, dense forests, Waterfalls, rivers, and streams. One of the barely explored treasures of Assam, Karbi Anglong is also known or its attractions like Koko Falls, Khanduli Tourist Centre, Umwang Tourist Centre, and Kohora Tourist Resort. Trekking expeditions to Singhason are one of the primary reason why people visit Karbi Anglong.

An Insight into Karbi Anglong Tourism in Assam

The Mikir Hill district in the Assam emerged in 1970 out of the United Mikir and North Cachar Hill district, and was renamed as Karbi Anglong on 14th October 1976. This district is the largest one in entire Assam and is situated at the centre of the state. It has lush evergreen forests, and beautiful hill areas along with flat lands. The climate of this district differs from one place to another; the hills being relatively cold than the flat plains. Mainly tribal people reside in this Karbi Anglong.

In the district, there are a number of tourist places which are worth the visit . The enchanting hills of the district along with the diverse flora and fauna make it one of the must visit places in this region for the nature lovers. Trekking to the highest peak of the district called Singhason, or Throne is one of the top things to do.

There are many sightseeing places in the district such as the Umwang, which is an enchanting temperate grassland. On top of a table mountain and surrounded by one of the big rivers, Umwang is an alluring destination. There are also small trekking paths in this area. Another breathtakingly beautiful travel destination is the Amreng tourist center. Situated between Kapili and its tributary, Amreng River; and surrounded by serene blue hills, the river cape is also referred to as Panimur or Koka Hills. Another of the important tourist attractions include Kohora tourist center. In Karbi Anglong, Kohora is synonymous with Kaziranga, and if you are planning to visit Karbi in the holidays, you cannot miss visiting this place. However, the place remains open only for four months.

Karbi Anglong is a well known travel destination for nature and adventure sports lovers. If you are planning a trip there, we at Tour My India can ensure that you get the best holiday packages that are as per your choice and budget.

Popular Tourist Spots in Karbi Anglong

An unmissable treat for nature, and adventure lovers, Karbi Anglong is the largest district in Assam. When on a holiday in Karbi Anglong, tourists can go on a trekking to Singhason, or visit the prominent tourist's attractions like Kohora tourist center, and Koko waterfalls.

Where to Stay in Karbi Anglong?

For a relaxing holiday in Karbi Anglong, one can find good accommodations in Diphu, be it budget or guest houses. Bharti Lodge, Lisha, and Maitri are some of the options that tourists can explore in Diphu to book a stay.

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