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Located north of the river of Brahmaputra, Dhemaji is one of the distant districts of Assam. It is more of a small town that has been backward in comparison to the neighboring cities and towns. Tourism, hence, recently started here and it developed as a travel destination mostly because it proved to be the best getaway for those who want some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Dhemaji has Arunachal Himalayas as a northern background which is a beautiful sight to behold.

An Insight into Dhemaji Tourism

Once you’re on your tour in Dhemaji, one of the top things to do is to visit Gerukamukh, which is the most treasured place. Gerukamukha is the largest tributary of Brahmaputra River. It is wondrously exquisite with its beauty and poise and has become a popular place for having picnics and enjoying angling with friends and family. Ghuguha Dol has a legendary myth attached to its existence. It is strongly believed that the Ahom King, Tyao Khamti’s son, Bamuni Konwar had taken his first breath within the walls of this very temple.

This temple had been built by Bamuni Konwar himself as an honorary tribute to his loving mother. A bit far away lies the Malini Than, which is believed to have been a hotspot for worshipping the Goddess Malini.

There have been several discoveries of numerous ancient monuments and sculptures in this region which makes it a religious significant place. This is why it has been featured in one of the must visit places of Dhemaji. Another one of the most important historical monuments is Maa Manipuri Than, which had been built by the Ahom King, Gourinath Singha, for helping the Manipuris in the Mua-Muriah Renaissance.

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Popular Tourist Places to See in Dhemaji

Dhemaji seems to be the hotspot for many places of worship. Amongst the most important religious places in Dhemaji are Ghuguha Temple and Malini Thaan. For nature lovers the beautiful Gerukamukh River is amust see in Dhemaji. Whereas, history lovers would love to take a tour of the Maa Manipuri Than.

Where to Stay in Dhemaji?

Dhemaji has a very limited accommodation option. There are few budget hotels in the headquarters of Dhemaji along with a circuit house. These budget accommodation option offers all basic amenities to make the tourists feel comfortable.

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