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Morigaon is a peaceful destination in Assam and it is surrounded by inviting touristy spots. This must visit destination in Assam lies on the northern banks of river Brahmaputra and it offers visitors a blend of sights to see and be a part of. Some sightseeing in Morigaon can be done by travellers in places like wildlife sanctuaries and temples; you can also inspect the unique fishes in Asia's largest dry fish market in Morigaon.

An Insight into Morigaon Tourism in Assam

Tourism in Morigaon has been a hit because of its several festivals and cultural events. Morigaon boasts rich wildlife sanctuaries, temples, markets and beautiful locales that will be liked by all. There are several sightseeing places in Morigaon to visit, like Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Patekibori Than, Kachasila Hill, Deosal Siva Temple, Sitajakhala and Asia's Largest Dry Fish Market.

One of the must visit places of Morigaon is the Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary where the special attraction is the one-horned rhino which is currently an endangered species. You can also find migratory birds, wild pigs and buffaloes, and rare species of bird in Pabitro Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sitajakhala, another tourist place in Morigaon was discovered during the year 1949 to 1950 and is believed to have been the abode to pregnant Sita who was left there by Lord Ram. It is believed that Valmiki had cut the stones to form stairs so that Sita could reach the River Killing from the temple. Apart from this, is the Deosal Siva Temple, which is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here Shiv Ratri Mela is held annually with lots of colour and mirth.

Another place to see in Morigaon is Kachasila Hill, which houses an ancient and beautiful temple, dating back to 9th century. The temple has huge statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There are also numerous statues of Lord Ganesha spread across the temple. Apart from this, Sivakunda is a scenic waterfall in the Amsoi Hills and is a magnificent picnic spot for tourists and local inhabitants during the winter season. One can also visit Asia’s Largest Dry Fish Market in Morigaon where you can find the largest assortments of dry fishes which are distributed to several parts of the country from here.

Another interesting event to attend in Morigaon is the Joon Beel Mela, which is held annually during the months of January and February. This mela has an obscure beginning but it is a symbolic event which enriches the bond between the tribes residing in the plains and the hills. During the fair, goods are exchanged by barter system. This tradition has been carried on for centuries and is very important to all the local inhabitants. We at Tour My India, offer you several holiday packages and a detailed travel guide that cover numerous destinations of North East India and feature some of the most popular tourist places, including Morigaon.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Morigaon

The go-to destination Morigoan is dotted with many attractions to keep the visitor occupied, whether it's a temple site or a wildlife site. Some must-see attractions in Morigaon are Mayang town, the Dry Fish Market, Deosal village, Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sita Jakhala, Kachasila Hill to name a few.

Where to Stay in Morigaon?

This Assam destination is neatly placed with fascinating attractions and tourist places in and around Morigaon. But unfortunately, there are no good hotels in the district. However, with the bustling city, Guwahati which is located about 82 km; you can opt to dwell in the hotels in Guwahati. You can also consider staying in other nearby towns and cities near Morigaon.

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