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Bordowa Satra Nagaon

Bordowa or Bordowa Satra is a shrine, a centre of art and culture and is the birthplace of a great litterateur, artist, dramatist and founder of Vaishnav dharma in Assam. It is around 140 km away from the town of Guwahati and is 18 km north-west from Nagaon district of Assam. The Bordowa Satra is founded by great saint Sankardeva after his return from his first pilgrimage in about 1494 A.D. He found the first Namghar or Kirtanghar at Bordowa and used that place to practice and preach the newly found faith in Puran and Bhagwat. He used to call the place as Thaan or Dham and not Satra which was later called to be as such.

Popular things to do & see in and around

This pious pilgrimage or shrine is itself a popular place to visit. However, other places are the Entrance of Bordowa which should not be missed during the visit here. The next is the adventurous Royal Bengal tigers of Kaziranga National Park. Then you will find Akashiganga Lake near Akashiganga waterfall which will bring you close to the nature. Another adventurous thing to see is the One-horned Rhinoceros in Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Getting There

From Nagaon, you will find regular bus and cab services to Bordowa at specific times. The buses are of Assam State Transportation Corporation that reaches Bordowa through a well connected road network from Jorhat in about 4 hours.

Bordowa Satra Nagaon, Assam

You will also find auto rickshaws to reach Bordowa.

Best Time to Visit

To visit the place you can choose any season of the year as the weather here remains suitable.

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