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Assam is a beautiful state in Northeast India that stretches along the Brahmaputra River and it has its own distinctive aromas, festivals, food, and places. One such destination in Assam popularly known as the ‘Oil City’ is Digboi. This place is one of the most important cities in Assam because of its crude oil production and Digboi Oil Refinery is also a popular tourist attraction. Digboi is also famous for other interesting features like handicrafts, textiles, war cemetery and wildlife sanctuary.

An Insight into Digboi Tourism Assam

Known as the “Oil City of Assam”, Digboi has been discovered during the 19th century. Rumoured to have been named after the phrase "dig-boy-dig," where the English men used to command the labourers to dig for the crude oil underneath, Digboi had established its 1st oil refinery in the year 1901. The city has Asia’s 1st drilled oil well, which is quite a popular tourist attraction in Assam. Digboi happens to be one of the must visit places in North East India.

One of the popular sightseeing places of the town is Digboi Oil Refinery. As it is mentioned earlier, the refinery was established about 100 years ago and is still thriving with the use of modern equipments. Another travel destination around Digboi is Margherita. The place was established around the 19th century and was named after an Italian queen, it is also renowned for its plywood factories and visiting it is one of the best things to do in Assam.

The largest wildlife sanctuary in Assam, Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, is 60 km from Digboi and houses like Royal Bengal Tiger, cheetahs, Indian elephant and also over 300 species of birds.

During the rule of the British, they had established their living quarters in Digboi to closely govern over the Oil Company. The town was, therefore, built with properly planned infrastructures and had several bungalows and about 18 golf courses. The Digboi Club is built with Italian architectural style with several guests houses for both locals and tourists and was primarily built to promote tourism in Assam. There is also a War Cemetery which is 1.5 km away and soldiers who died during World War II have been put to rest here.

All in all, Digboi is a wonderful place to be at as it offers one the scenic beauties of Assam; it also has magnificence of the majestic animals; tea gardens and a glimpse of the past in the form of the Oil Refinery. One will have a wondrous vacation in the scenic town of Digboi.

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Popular Tourist Places to See in Digboi

This northeast destination Digboi in Assam is one of the must-visit places in India and the country’s first ever oil refinery was established here. Along with the famous oil refinery, Digboi has other distinctive attractions to see like Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Digboi War Cemetery, Digboi golf course and the tea gardens in Margherita.

Where to Stay in Digboi?

Noted to be one of the must visit destination in Assam, Digboi is famous for its excellent oil refinery. Hence, it witnesses tourists from all parts of the world and to provide the guests with humble hospitality, Digboi has few snugs and cosy hotels and resorts to welcome you to a new place filled with everything venturous and beautiful.

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