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Adventure Tourism in Assam

North East India welcomes all the adventure lovers to the state of Assam which has always been one of the adventure holiday destinations of the country. The magnificent topography of the state with fast flowing rivers and exotic hilly places are apt for some exciting and pulse racing sports. Be it land sports or water sports, Assam is suitable for any type of adventure that make tours thrilling and enjoyable. There are several adventure activities that are organized here among which trekking and river rafting are the most common ones.

The Karbi hills and the Cachar hills are the best places in Assam for trekking and are said to be the dreamland for the mountaineers. Several camps are arranged here which provide trekkers with all the necessary arrangements. The ideal time for trekking here is during the months of April to October. These hills are not only suitable for the experienced trekkers but also the novice ones can try out trekking under proper guidance. As for mountain climbing, the Elephant rock is the most famous among the climbers.

Adventure sports in Assam are also comprised of para sailing which has gained immense popularity over the passage of time. This sport is generally carried out in large open places in the northern part of Guwahati and both domestic as well as foreign travelers have taken keen interest in participating in this super exciting sport. Hang gliding is another adventure that the state offers you which mainly depends on the climatic conditions. If the weather is perfect then this sport is a must try. The Kamakhya hills and the hills around the Kaziranga forest are the two ideal places for this adventure.

River rafting is one of the major aspects of adventure tourism in North Eastern India. Assam has a lot of scope for this event because of the presence of the Brahmaputra River. This sport is equally challenging and thrilling; the cold water of the river makes the excitement reach new heights. Boat racing and angling are the other interesting sports of the state that attracts the visitors the most. For boat racing in Assam you can choose locations like Hajo, Saulkuchi, Barpeta, Guwahati etc. These races are very popular and the mighty rivers like Brahmaputra, Manas, Jia Bhoroli and Kapili offers the best venues in Assam.

Adventure Tourism in Assam

The most important site for angling in Assam is river Jia Bhoroli, Kapil and Manas.

The adventure tourism in Assam has developed a lot in the past few years and there has been a constant effort on the part of the tourism authorities to provide more scope and opportunities for many new sports so that the place becomes worth visiting for adventure and thrill.

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