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Central Assam Travel Guide

Central Assam contributes to tourism of the state as a destination for relaxed holidays and wildlife tours. The region is made of district of Dima Hasao, East Karbi Anglong, West Karbi Anglong, Nagaon, Marigaon, Hojai. The tribal culture can also be witnessed here at its best in Central Assam along with the picturesque nature’s beauty, the region possesses.

Birdwatchers can enjoy a visit in Nagaon district which is home to Pokhi Tirtha, a hub for the migratory birds. Nagaon is also recognized as the birthplace for Srimanta Sankardeva, the founder of Vaishnavism in Assam. The place is also adorned with some small and big waterfalls like Akashiganga. Morigaon, which is said to be Asia’s largest dry fish market is situated in North Assam as well. This district also has a place called Sitajakhala, which is believed to be the home of pregnant Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. Morigaon boasts of other historical temples like Deosal. The temple on Kachasila Hill, which houses an ancient and beautiful temple, dating back to 9th century AD is an important place to see here as well.

One specific phenomenon that attract a large number of tourists to this region, is held in Jatinga, which is the part of Dima Hasao district. The place is popular as the suicide point of birds and has remained an exciting destination for all. The district of Dima Hasao is has some scenic places to visit like Hajong, which is home to terrapins tortoise; Maibong that along with picturesque beauty boasts of a monolithic temple known as the Ramchandi Temple; and Umrangso, which house a beautiful and beneficial hotwater spring.

Central Assam Travel Guide

The West Karbi Anglong district also boasts some tourist places of interest like Baithalangso Bichikri, Borgaon, Diyungmukh, Donkamokam, Hamren, Hawaipur, Jengkha, Khandul, Kheroni, Koka, Mailoo, Tika Evergreen Hills, Umpanai, Umswai, Voksong, and Zirikengding.

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