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Nalbari Travel Guide

Nalbari is a culturally and historically vibrant district of Assam. This must visit destination in Assam stands surrounded by beautiful landscapes and grand temples. If you are planning a pilgrimage tour in Assam then Nalbari is a perfect fit, tourists can visit Nalbari attractions that are enthralled and beautiful like Billeshwar Temple, Hari Mandir, Buddhist Temple etc. Apart from temples, you can also visit places like Fenguwa Rampart Fort, Mahmara, Angradhowa. You can also visit this famous bird watching spot in Assam Sonkuriha.

An Insight into Nalbari Tourism

Nalbari is a small town in a district in Assam that goes by the same name. Culturally and historically vibrant, Nalbari is famous for beautiful landscape and temples. The name Nalbari means ‘garden of reed’ and it was kept by the British railway engineers during late 1800.

Nalbari has a lot to see and explore. The Billeshwar Temple here is more than 500 years old and is visited by Hindu pilgrims from all across the country. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The Shripur Dewalay Mandir is another ancient temple dedicated to Parvati. An Ahom king, Sib Singha is believed to have constructed this temple and if folklores are to be believed, Goddess Parvati was reborn as sati here.

The Basudeb Devalay and Hari Mandir are the other temples that you can visit. The Raas Mahotsava is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show here and it’s a great idea to visit Nalbari during this time. Daulashal Temple is also old and famous and attracts crowds from near and far.

There is also a Buddhist temple located only 30 km from Nalbari. A Jain temple is situated at the Nalbari town.

If you are a nature enthusiast and love watching birds, then Sonkuriha is one place that you cannot miss. Thousands of migratory birds visit this place during the winter season. The Mahamara Pukhuri is a famous lake in Nalbari and quite an old one. It was constructed by the Ahoms to get rid of water scarcity in the area. There are other such lakes and these happen to be a favourite among picnickers.

On the other hand, if history fascinates you, you can visit Fenguwa Rampart, which is a famous tourist attraction of Nalbari. It is a fort that was built between 1350 and 1365 and is of historical importance. It has many water tanks, like Amgradhowa and Mahmara.

For souvenirs and shopping, visiting the small village of Kakaya is a must. Cottage industry is thriving in this part of North East India and tourists buy handloom sarees or Pat Muga sarees that happen to be famous all over the world. Gamusa of this village is also famous.

In short, Nalbari is a perfect destination for families and couples. It takes around 2-3 days to visit all the sightseeing places in Nalbari and most of these places can be visited at any time of the day.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Nalbari

Nalbari is a touristy destination that blends with religion, nature, and culture. Not just that, this destination has lush greenery that houses many migratory birds. Hence, you can traverse the many attractions in and nearby Nalbari district like Daulashal Temple, Sonkuriha Bird Sanctuary, Fenguwa Rampart, Jaypal Than, Shripur Dewalay Mandir, Billeshwar Temple to name a few.

Where to Stay in Nalbari?

Nalbari is a beautiful destination in Assam and it houses many pilgrimage sites and natural reserves, however, the hotels in Nalbari are limited. Despite that, you will get great service and proper attention to your every need with common amenities for the guests.

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