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Dibrugarh Travel Guide

Renowned as the “Tea City of India”, Dibrugarh has been a popular travel destination of Assam for decades at a stretch. Along with tourism development, Dibrugarh is one of the major cities of India with massive growth in communication and industrial sector. Its economy thrives on 3 booming business: tea, oil and tourism.

An Insight into Dibrugarh Tourism Assam

With several tourist attractions in Dibrugarh that touch one’s religious and spiritual soul, one has the chance to enhance his cultural knowledge and experience its beautiful heritage and landscapes. Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, Jeypore Rainforest, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuaries, Shrikshetra Dhaam and the Lord Jagannath Temple are some of the worth watching sites of this place.

Amongst the many top things to do in Dibrugarh, tourists find visiting the tea gardens to be the most appealing. One of the must visit places of Dibrugarh is Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, which has some endangered plant species. Another one of the popular tourist attractions is Shrikshetra Dhaam, Lord Jagannath Temple which is the replica of the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. It is one of the most important temples in Assam.

To enrich your tour to Dibrugarh even further, visit Koli Aai Thaan which is the spiritual centre dedicated to Koli Aai whose teachings still hold a large place in people’s heart.

You can visit Sarumechlow and Bormechow Maidam which are the graves of 2 queens belonging to the Ahom Dynasty; Dehing Satra that holds the ruins belonging to Ahom Dynasty; the Buddhist Monastery at Namphake Village; and many more places like these.

Dibrugarh holds many sightseeing places for you to visit during your holidays. We, at Tour My India, offer you several holiday packages that cover many destinations of North East India and feature some of the popular tourist places, including Dibrugarh.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Dibrugarh

One of the major attractions of Assam, Dibrugarh is dotted with numerous attractions and replete with a fair amount of things to do. The district is ideal for wildlife lovers who can satiate their wanderlust at the Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, Jeypore Rainforest, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuaries. And for those religious at heart, Dibrugarh has Shrikshetra Dhaam, Lord Jagannath Temple, Koli Aai Thaan, Dehing Satra and Buddhist Monastery at Namphake Village to imbibe spirituality.

Where to Stay in Dibrugarh?

Dibrugarh offers tourists a wide array of accommodation options to choose from. There are some high end hotels and a plenty of budget places to stay in the district. Apart from Dibrugarh, Amlapatty is the place that is ideal to look for a stay. Expect spacious and airy rooms and extremely warm hospitality in almost all the hotels in Dibrugarh.

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