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The whimsical rivers, dreamy trails and verdant forests, call out to the adventurists to Assam for a time of a life experience. Tour My India partake in the venture to allure tourists to Assam and assist the adrenaline junkies with experiences that are unbeatable. Just like the state, our Assam adventure tour packages are action packed and offer with just the right kind of activities that one has been looking for. Enjoy the best river rafting experience in the ferocious Brahmaputra River;

cut and run through wild trails that lead to some extraordinary places; and soar in the sky of Assam by taking up paragliding with our distinct Assam adventure holiday packages that like we said let you choose your kind of adventure at your kind of way. Tour My India also promises the best accommodation and transport arrangements along with prompt services wherever and whenever required all through your fun filled Assam adventure.

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