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Pokhi Tirtha Nagaon

Each year a variety of migratory birds come to Assam. The flora and fauna of Assam is quite impressive and attracts a lot of birds towards the beautiful state. Pokhi Tirtha or Bird Pilgrimage is one such place where every year a huge number of migratory birds arrive. For bird lovers, this place is really a pilgrimage or you can say a paradise. The place is also known as Samaguri Beel and is located in the eastern side of the Nagaon district of Assam. Every year during early winter the migratory birds arrive and there are varieties of species of birds seen.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The birds that migrate every year to this place are worth seeing. They provide an awesome view to this place and there is a lake called Samaguri Beel which is also one of the most amazing tourist spots in Assam. Different species of birds will attract you in every way possible and they are amazing to see.

Getting There

The bird pilgrimage is well connected with Nagaon spots and nearby towns via buses and taxis which are easily available. You can also take rental cars from any location of Nagaon to reach the place faster.

Best Time to Visit

The place is full of migratory birds in the early winter and stays there until the season is over.

Pokhi Tirtha Nagaon, Assam

So you can visit this place during winter if you really want to see so many birds at one place.

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