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Art & Craft in Assam

Known for its fine craftsmanship, Assam is definitely a shopaholic’s paradise. The state boasts creating the fine Muga Silk Sarees called Mekhla Chadar and of the inseparable bond with bamboo and cane items. It is interesting to see how the bamboo and cane secured their position as an important article that is used in household implements to construction of houses to furniture making to weaving accessories and even musical instruments. In fact, the traditional sunshade, Jaapi is also made from bamboo. Another craft in Assam that can catch one’s eyes is of bell metal and brass. These have been the most commonly used metals by the Assamese artisan in manufacturing utensils and fancy articles that can be found in every household in the state. The Xorai and bota have in use extensively for centuries, to offer betel nut and paan as a welcoming gesture. The best of this craft can be seen in Guwahati, Hajo and Sarthebari. Gold, silver and copper are also used in traditional metal craft in Assam.

Wood craft in the state is another thing to keep your eye on. In Assam a number of items are prepared by wood including decorative panels in the royal Ahom palaces and the 600-years old satras or Vaishnav sect. The modern day craftsmen create figures of one-horned rhinos and replicas of the famed Kamakhya temple to be sold as souvenirs from Assam. Mask making is also an essential part of the art and craft of the state. Masks have been widely and extensively used in folk theatres and bhaonas in Assam of the materials ranging from terracotta to pith to metal, bamboo and wood and mostly made by tribals of Assam. Apart from these, jewellery making, terracotta art and craft and traditional paintings are other items that one can buy as souvenirs from Assam.

Art & Crafts of Assam

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