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Hill Stations in Assam

Assam is a state that is blessed with scenic beauty and natural heritage. The unique ecosystem of the place makes it count among the many nature tourism places in the country. These beautiful hill stations in Assam have proved to be a boon to the state tourism and travelers seem to absolutely adore these locations owing to its breathtaking scenes. For all the nature lovers out there, the state has some the best hill stations that attracts the travelers from different parts of the world – some of them are Diphu, Sualkuchi, Lilabari and Marigaon.

There are many popular hill stations in Assam, one of which is the Haflong which is a spectacular place. The greenery and plantations surrounding the place makes it quite picturesque and eye soothing. Then there is Jatinga, which is located in North Cachar Hill and is well known for its orange orchards. This place has an interesting story and it is said that several migratory birds commit suicide in this place on moonless foggy nights. Diphu is another superb hill station of the state which attracts many tourists visiting the place for summer getaways (however it is a Karbi Tribal area prone to a lot of ULFA attacks and curfews). Although this hill station is lesser known one among the people but off late tourists are travelling to this place to explore the beauty of the town located here.

These places also offer amazing sightseeing tours of the beautiful mountains and valleys that make the state an ideal destination for planning vacations. Another very popular hill station of Assam is Maibong which used to be the capital of the Kachari rulers in the ancient times. This place is located at an average altitude of 355 meters. One can witness nature at its best and the tourists are assured to have a thrilling experience when they visit this popular hill station of Assam. The state also has many famous hill resorts where the visitors can accommodate themselves comfortably on their vacations. These resorts have all the arrangements for the comfort and well being of the boarders and take utmost care of the services offered to them.

Hill Stations in Assam

Umrangshu is another hill station of the state which should not be missed out on your trip here. It is located at the border of Assam and Meghalaya and is about a distance of 112kms from Haflong. If you are planning for perfect weekend getaways from Assam, commendable option for vacationers would be hiring a reliable tour agent who would plan out the trip just perfectly.

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