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Samantagiri Nagaon

While visiting Assam, you should not miss the hillocks of Samantagiri that offers a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the village that is full of tribal people. The neighbouring area is surrounded with lush greenery and enhances the beauty of the place. Silghat is the famous river port nearby which is also a beautiful spot to see. The port is located in the river bank of Brahmaputra.

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The beautiful hill of Samantagiri is the first attraction of the village. Then you will see the Silghat Port in the Brahmaputra River which will give you an awesome picturesque sight to see. There is also a nearby temple of Hatimura which is believed to be built over a ruined temple from the 18th century.

Getting There

To reach Samantagiri, you can take a government bus from Nagaon that is scheduled at different times during the day. Or you can also rent private taxis to reach Samantagiri in short time from nearby towns and cities.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year is winter when you can enjoy the beauty of the hills and can also enjoy the weather of Assam.

Samantagiri Nagaon, Assam

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