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Maa Durga Mandir Nagaon

This temple has something different and is popular for the same. The idol of Maa Durga in the temple is made of Bael wood. It is believed that the idol is almost a century old and the temple is situated in the small town of Puranigudam which is 12km away from Nagaon district of Assam. Due to the idol the temple is of special interest for tourists.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The temple itself will astonish you in various ways and you can see other natural attractions nearby like hills, waterfalls.

Getting There

The distance of the temple from Nagaon district centre point is not much and regular state buses are available that connects Nagaon to rest of the cities and towns of Assam. The bus stand has many options of local transport like taxis and auto rickshaws for your convenience to reach this temple. Rental taxis also take you directly to this temple from any part of region.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the temple is throughout the year. You will find peace and harmony in the place no matter which season you are visiting.

Maa Durga Mandir Nagaon, Assam

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