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Museums in Assam

With a lot of savouries in the form of heritage sites, Assam also believes in preserving and conserving of its rich history in well-appointed museums. Though there are few museums in the state but each is admirably maintained. The Assam State Museum in Guwahati is amongst the best places to see as it offers an insight into state’s affluent past. The museum has a detailed collection of coins, inscriptions, and even the stone, wood, metal and terracotta sculptures. The Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra is another important museum to visit in Guwahati as this one preserve the cultural heritage of the state. The collection here includes a cultural museum, library and various facilities for preserving, demonstrating and performing cultural items.

From the uprising against Burma to the signing of Treaty of Yandabo, Assam has gone through many terrific and trivial events in the past that are well-documented in its museums. These museums give a sneak preview of what exactly Assam is all about; its history, culture, people, heritage, empires, and governments. A mixture of the antiquated and modern Assam, all these museums often remain thronged with tourists, especially with history lovers, and especially the curious souls, to see the treasure in each one of them are unique and distinctive. Given below is the list of the popular museums that one must visit so as to have an incredible experience in Assam.

Museums in Assam

Must Visit Museums in Assam

Anthropological MuseumGuwahati
Science MuseumGuwahati
Assam State MuseumGuwahati
Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra Guwahati
Uttaran Museum Sivasagar
Tai Ahom MuseumSivasagar
Assam Forest Museum Guwahati
Assam Government Cottage Industries Museum Guwahati
Veterinary College Museum Guwahati
Ethnographic Museum Guwahati
District museum Barpeta
Department of Historical and Antiquarian Studies Guwahati
Purvabharti Museum Nalbari
Guwahati Planetarium Guwahati

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