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Tourism Guidelines for Tourists Visiting Assam

Assam is an intriguing destination filled with many attractions, festivals, cuisines and local people. Hence, when you visit certain destinations it is very important to learn their way of living so we do not hamper or interrupt their peaceful everyday life. After all, the only way you can have a happy holiday is by making the locals happier. So, here are few guidelines to have a responsible tourism when in Assam:

Do's and Don’ts for Responsible Tourism:

  • If you happen to visit Assam during summers make sure to carry an umbrella, sunscreen lotion, a sipper, and sunglasses.
  • For foreigners - Make sure to have enough Indian currency so you won't have trouble if your cash runs out.
  • When in a new city, make sure to keep your money bag safe, perhaps in your front pocket or in a large bag.
  • While you travel in a local transport, it is advisable to keep only lose money with you for easy access to buy tickets.
  • If an area seems unfamiliar to you, feel free to approach the nearest police station for guidance (You will find Policeman available at the road crossings).
  • Keep away from the unauthorized tourist agents; always get a valid tour guide your hotel. If not you can roam by yourself, people in Assam are very humble, they will be happy to guide you.
  • For Foreigners: Always carry your passports with you and keep it safe in your inner pocket or in your fanny bag, it will be your identity throughout your journey in Assam, India.
  • Assam has lip-smacking cuisines and you can try out some mouth watering dishes. Make sure to only visit well-maintained restaurants unless you are in for an adventure to try street food.
  • Assam is a cultural state, though it is blooming with modernism around every corner but if you don't want eyes following you, female travellers should dress appropriately. This will avoid the unwarranted situations to occur.
  • Not everyone in Assam knows English so you can try learning the basic Assamese language before you visit beautiful Assam.
  • Some people tend to be camera shy; it is always nice to take permission before you take their photograph.
  • Avoid littering waste from your car window or in the streets. It creates a bad impression towards locals and other fellow travellers.
  • While shopping, be cautious of touts and agents who are only out there to coat you with fake items.
  • Be properly covered while entering a religious place. Be it a church or a temple or a monastery.
  • Females travellers should not venture alone at night, but if you do so, consider taking a friend along with you.
  • Respect and be polite to the native people of Assam, their habits and lifestyle.
  • For a responsible traveller, always preserve energy by minimizing the use of fans, lights and geysers in the hotel or anywhere else.
  • It is advisable to avoid buying crafts or merchandises made from protected or endangered animals.
  • To avoid last minute glitches, always double check your reservations for accommodation and transportation.
  • Do not enter a restricted or prohibited area, however, if you want to visit then always seek guidance and reason your visit in the police station.
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