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Carved out of the Bongaigaon district, Chirang boasts of scenic landscape, beautiful Bodo people, meandering rivers and the rich wildlife. The district also reflects the magnificent history of the lovely state of Assam.

An Insight into Chirang Tourism

Among the 27 districts of the north eastern state of Assam, Chirang is one, with its headquarter in Kajalgaon. It has been carved out of the erstwhile district of Bongaigaon in the same state. The district of Chirang derives its name from the Tsirang district of Bhutan, and the place is inhabited mainly by the Bodo people. Other than that, there are some other small communities of people such as Assamese, Santhali, Rajbangshis etc. There are three blocks, namely, Borobajar, Manikpur and Sidli-Chirang. However, the tourism industry in Chirang has developed mainly around places like, Datgiri near Bhutan border, Ai Rever Bengtol and the Laoti Hagrama Bridge.

The name Chirang is a Garo word which means water wealth, as chi means water and rang symbolizes wealth. The district, situated on the border of Bhutan has no shortage of scenic beauty. Among the most important tourist attractions of the place, Manas National Park comes first. People from India and abroad tour to this park, to get a glimpse of the amazing wildlife found in the park. This is also a World Heritage Site. There are other sightseeing places including Champamati mini Hydro-electric power project, which provides an amazing view.

If you are a nature lover and are on a holiday to the Chirang district, your top things to do list should also include visiting Kalamati, which is a natural habitat of a variety of orchids and butterflies. Other must visit places of this district consist of Gabharukhunda, a biological hotspot. There are also a few other forest reserves, such as Datgiri, and Rani Sundari that can be visited. The Laoti Hagrama Bridge is a well known picnic spot of the district, with its serene view of the river. On the other side, the breathtaking beauty of the Ghumeswar Hill makes another popular travel destination in Chirang.

The district is one of the least populated ones of Assam, yet you will find a number of religious places here. Some of the well known religious places of the area include Raja Charang Mandir in Basugaon.

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Popular Tourist Places to See in Chirang

Chirang proudly calls itself the home to wildlife rich Manas National Park. The place is ideal for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts who can satiate their thirst for opulent wildlife sighting here. Chirang is also a birdwatchers paradise and lovers of butterflies and orchids. Apart from Manas National Park, Gabharukhunda, a biological hotspot is yet another place to explore along with Datgiri, and Rani Sundari Forest Reserves. An unmissable attraction to sight in Chirang is Laoti Hagrama Bridge is a well known picnic spot.

Where to Stay in Chirang?

The district of Chirang is sparsely dotted with budget hotels and guest houses that cater to the basic necessities of the guests. These accommodation options are quite affordable and offer spacious, neat and airy rooms with decent services that are required to keep a stay comfortable.

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