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Dima Hasao Travel Guide

Previously known as the North Cachar Hill District and located in central Assam, Dima Hasao is a popular travel destination that is filled and loaded up with culture and scenic beauty. Nestled amongst the hills, Dima Hasao is blessed with the most beautiful landscape and is often described as “Switzerland of the East”.

An Insight into Dima Hasao Tourism Assam

The literal translation of the name Dima Hasao comes from Dimasa language and means Dimasa Hills. During your holidays in Dima Hasao, you must visit all of its tourist attractions which include hills, rivers, waterfalls and cultural hotspots.

Tourism is at an all-time high and there have been upgrades in their hospitality measures on a great scale. One of the must visit places near Dima Hasao is Haflong which is adorned with a natural lake, temples, few historic bungalows built during the British era and gorgeous churches.

The Top thing to do in and around Dima Hasao is to visit Jatinga and witness the mysterious event of birds committing suicide.

Although there are several conditions that need to occur for it to happen but when it does, all the migratory birds start committing suicide making it a sad event which has no scientific explanation yet. Another place of interest in the district is Maibong, which is located at the bank of River Mahur and houses few of the historical ruins and sculptures dating back to the period when it was the capital of the Kachori Kingdom. The other notable sightseeing places are Umrangso, Harangajao, Thuruk, Panimoor, Hajong and Laisong.

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Popular Tourist Places to See in Dima Hasao

Tourist attractions in Dima Hasao include hills, rivers, waterfalls and cultural hotspots. One of the major attractions of the district is Haflong, which is the only hill station of Assam. Adorned with lake, temples and historic edifices, this pretty little town is something you cannot give a miss. Other than, Haflong, Jatinga, a place known for a strange phenomenon of Bird Suicide is a must see. A visit to Maibong, a small historical place is yet another best thing to do in Dima Hasao.

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