Bedse Caves Maharashtra

These Bedse caves, situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra at Maval Taluka comprise of two main caves. The most popular cave is known as the Chaitya or prayer hall and houses a large stupa. The other is the vihara or the monastery. It is somewhat less popular than the Bhaja and the Kalra caves but the trilogy of the Kalra, Bhaja and Bedse is incomplete without a visit to these caves.

Bhiku or Buddhist monks lived in these viharas during the rainy season and hence these viharas were known as the rain caves. The entrance of the caves is constructed by pillars and columns adorned with sculptures of horse, bull, elephants and deities. Apart from the two major caves, the complex of the caves housed innumerable small caves and a cave solely built for the purpose of meditation. These caves have water tanks beneath them to provide a natural cooling effect with water from the springs. It is known that the various travellers who took shelter in these caves placed their wares here.

History of the Attraction

The history of the Bedse Caves dates back to 1st century B.C. These caves were constructed during the reigning period of the Great Ashoka ruler. The Berdse caves have a historical importance. The Kalinga war fought by Ashoka changed the life of this great ruler. He was so grief stricken and filled with remorse that he decided to shun violence and never to take up arms. To atone for this great mistake Ashoka embrace Buddhism and built numerous Buddhist monasteries for praying and the Bedse caves is one of them.

Getting There

The Bedse Caves can be reached by road, air and train. By road, from Pune it takes 1hour 27minutes to reach the Bedse caves, as it is situated at a distance of 54 kms from the city of Pune. The best way to reach by road is from Kamshet to Pavananagar and then to Bedse which is 7-9 kms from there. The nearest Railway Station to the Bedse Caves is in Pune, which is well connected to Nagpur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi. From the station tourists can reach the caves by car. The airport at Pune is the nearest to the Bedse Caves. From the airport the Bedse caves can be reached by car.

Opening/Closing Timings and days 

It is open everyday for the visitors and the preferred time of visit is between 8a.m.-1p.m.

Bedse Caves Maharashtra

Things to do in and around

These Bedse caves that are the prayer hall or the chaitya and the viharas flaunt intricate carvings and the tourists are recommended to visit these caves early morning to see the meticulous carvings in sunlight. The caves house stunning five columns adorned with jewels. Close to the Bedse caves are the awe-inspiring forts of Visapur, Lohagad, Tikona and Tung forts adjacent to the Pawana Dam.

Entry Fee

The entry fee ticket is R.5 (per person).

Best time to Visit

Rainy season is the best time of the year to visit the marvellous caves as during this time tourists can see lush greenery all around.

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