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Located in the hilly region of the Mahur River, the little town of Maibong enjoys a lot of tourist attention as it is located only 44.6 kms from Haflong. Just with one and a half hour drive, you can reach this landscaped town. Serenaded with mountains, waterfalls and many historical relics, Maibong is a must visit in Assam. The town used to be the capital city of the old Kachri Rulers between the years of the 1500s to 1700s. The relics which were sculptured and carved during those time period have been preserved in a museum of Haflong District. People mainly visit Maibong to catch a glimpse of the famous two-roofed monolithic temple - Ramchandi.

Maibong was also the medieval capital of the Dimacha Kingdom from 1536 AD onwards. Later, the kingdom shifted to Dimacha when under the command of King Siuhungmung Tai. During the rule of the Dimachas, the people founded a ‘Stone House’, and engraved words of great value on the walls. The premises also had few historic tanks and beautiful temples. Maibong was a very peaceful place even in those days.

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This beautiful little town has many exquisite waterfalls to visit. You can also visit the two storied, colossal temple, Ramchandi, which has inscriptions that date back to the 1750s. There are several other inscriptions on historic tanks and ancient temples, which have great historical value. You can also visit the Mahur River which is the perfect picnic spot for friends and family.

Getting There

You can visit Maibong by air, road or rail. By air, you need to avail flights till Guwahati (located at a distance of 338 km Maibong) and then reach Maibong by roads or rail. By rail, the nearest railway station is Lamding Railway Station (76.2 km from Maibong) which is close to the town of Maibong.

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By road, there are several private and public buses running from and to Maibong via Lamding.

Best Time to Visit

With an average temperature of 29.5 degree Celsius, Maibong has pleasant weather all year around. The summer temperatures are around 35 degree Celsius and monsoon rains are heavy during July to September with precipitation rate of 1729 mm. Winter months, October to March, are the best months to visit Maibong when the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degree Celsius.

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