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Hajong Dima Hasao

North east India is known for its rich cultural background and scenic beauty which make it a paradise to be visited. Hajong is a place of interest in the Dima Hasao district which is often visited by the tourists. This place is mainly known for the hilly terrapins, which are some of the endangered species of tide-water tortoise. The prime attraction of the place is the Hajong Lake which is located in the Langting Mupa Reserve Forest. This lake is the one and only natural tortoise habitat in the state of Assam. Every year the Hajong Lake Tortoise Festival is being organized here with the view of making people aware of the endangered tortoise species that are available in this area. There are about seven rare varieties of tortoise found here and if you are lucky enough then you may catch a sight of all these species on your visit to this place. Hajong is under the Dima Hasao administrative domain and within the premises of North Cachar Hills district. It was under the Dimasa Kachari kingdom rule during the year 1832. It is inhabited by many tribal groups and the ethnicity of the place makes it very unique. Hajong holds its customs and traditions and is a land full of colours and festivals.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

On vacations here one gets to know about the lifestyle of the Hajong people living here and the traditions they follow. These tribes wear colorful clothes and ornaments and are generally followers of Hinduism. Kamakhya Puja and Durga puja are b celebrated with a lot of grandeur by the people living here. One also gets to see the most famous form of art in this place named as the Birapat Chhita which is mainly used for wedding occasions.

Getting There 

Dima Hasao district is connected to Nagaon and Guwahati via regular bus services. From Haflong, you get many rented cars to reach Hajong.

Hajong Dima Hasao, Assam

The place has smooth network of local transportation which helps people to commute freely within the town and reach Hajong in no time; like auto rickshaws, taxis and car rental services.

Best Time to Visit

Hajong experiences moderate climatic conditions all throughout the year, and thus, you can choose any suitable time to plan vacations here.

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