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Hotels in Lakhimpur Assam

Lakhimpur is a place where agriculture and paddy fields would treat your eyes; thus the greenery and lush pastures have been lately attracting many tourists round the year. There are many accommodation options to choose for your stay. For a luxurious stay, you can stay in Malini Hotel, and Hotel Anupam. The hotels offer amenities like restaurants, secure parking location and much more. If you’re looking for a standard hotel, you can stay at Kontinental Hotel. This hotel has built quite a reputation for helping tourists to have a wonderful holiday in Lakhimpur with their lavish amenities at low prices.

If you’re looking for a budget hotel, you can stay at Hotel Shyam and Hotel Jaya. They are all close to most of the tourism places in Lakhimpur. Even though they offer rooms at quite an affordable rate, all the rooms are undoubtedly clean and airy. We, at Tour My India, arrange for the best places to stay at and make your hotel bookings as per your preference during your tour to Lakhimpur.

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