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Jatinga Dima Hasao

Jatinga, is one of the most popular bird watching center under the supervision of district forestry office in Haflong. Tourists visiting Assam, or more specifically Silchar does not miss this attraction point as it is famous for its “bird suicide” phenomenon. You would be mesmerised in this small and serene village of Jatinga, which is located about 9 kms south of the town of Haflong. This beautiful village has earned its popularity due to both its majestic views and the mysterious phenomenon of birds “committing suicide”.

It has been observed by the villagers that during the months of August and November, the birds of varied species die out of mysterious reasons. This occurred especially during the dark, foggy nights with no moon in the sky. The scientists deciphered this mind-boggling phenomenon when they understood that the birds, which were either native or local migrants, got hit by bamboos as they got attracted to the light of the village. Without any natural lighting which was enhanced by foggy conditions, the birds got dazed and hit the bamboo poles, which were erected by the villagers who feared that these birds who swooped in during the dark of the night were actually spirits of the dead that wished to harm them. So as to protect themselves, they tried to catch the birds with the bamboo poles which lead to the birds dying after getting hit by them. After deciphering the phenomenon the scientists and environmental activists have taken up the job of educating the villagers of what caused the birds to commit suicide and why it should not be practised.

Mainly, due to this curious phenomenon, travellers come in between the months of August to November, especially ornithologists and bird watchers. The village is inhabited by about 2,500 Khasi-pnar tribal people and few Dimasa people.

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Jatinga is a wonderful place to visit for a peaceful and quiet stay.

Getting There

There are several state-run buses that run from major cities and towns of Assam.

Jatinga Village Dima Hasao, Assam

But tourists usually take up a rickshaw trip from Haflong as they get to enjoy a wonderful and scenic journey by doing so.

Best Time to Visit

Jatinga experiences a very pleasant weather all year around which makes it a very prime tourist spot of Assam. The average temperature is 21.6 degree Celsius. In summers, the temperatures go as high up as 36 degree Celsius which makes it a bit warm yet not enough to ruin your tour. Rain pelts down quite heavily during July to September with precipitation rate of 2578 mm. Winters, i.e., October to March, is a comfortable season to visit Jatinga when the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degree Celsius.

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