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About Samtse

Visit Samtse to explore its temples, monasteries & rich religious diversity

Samtse is one of the unique places in Bhutan in that it is home to two religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. While Buddhists celebrate Losar, Thrue and Lomba, Hindus celebrate Diwali and Dussehra. Several types of cash crops like oranges, ginger and cardamom are cultivated and exported to West Bengal & Bangladesh. As a tourist, you should visit it for its temples, monasteries and exploring the diverse culture that it boasts. You should visit Samtse mainly to relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

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Samtse Tourism

An insight into Samtse in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

A district known for abundance in natural resources, Samtse is located in the extreme corner of South-western Bhutan. Due to its remote location and no commercial town nearby, it is least explored by travellers, thereby making it the most pure and untainted place to be included in your bucket list. The town depicts a perfect blend of religions, where both Hinduism and Buddhism are widely practised. Surrounded by forests, the district typically experiences hot and humid climate, making it a home for various flora and fauna. Since majority of the locals indulge in farming, it will be a good idea for a farm visit during your stay.

Samste does not feature amongst the most popular attractions; however it has many interesting places to visit. One of the most important is Samtse College of Education, which is one of the premier educational institutes of the country. On the other hand with many Hindu temples in the district, your visit seems incomplete without visiting few of them. Hindu Mandir of Samste, Samste Khorlo Chorten, Tendu community temple are some of the must visit temples. Since the district has good amount of forest cover, bird watching will definitely excite the nature lovers here. Samtse also has a wide paddy field and walking on these fields will be an amazing experience. There are also many natural streams and ponds where one can take the pleasure of swimming. Likewise this quaint place offers many such small and interesting experiences to its travellers making it a memorable Bhutan visit.

Best Time to Visit Samtse

A subtropical destination, Samtse is best visited in the autumn season for a great travel experience.

Owing to its subtropical climate, Samtse experiences sultry summers and dry winters, leaving the autumn season to be the best suited for travelling. The months of October and November enjoys salubrious weather ideal for sightseeing tours.


How to Reach Samtse?

Situated near the Indian Border, Samtse is convenient to reach from many destinations in Bhutan as well as India.

Boasting decent road connectivity with Paro, Thimphu and several other destinations in Bhutan, Samtse is a comfortable journey away. This southwestern destination also enjoys good road connectivity with few places in India as well.

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