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Climate In Bhutan

Summer Season in Bhutan

The peak summer months in Bhutan are May and June, before this, the months of March and April are considered the best time to visit Bhutan. These spring months offer an excellent opportunity to witness the best of nature in the country. The rhododendron and other can be seen in their ull bloom during this period. March and April also make for a great time to trek in Bhutan. The temperature ranges in summer from 13℃ to 25℃.

Monsoon Season in Bhutan

The rains come down to Bhutan in mid-June or by the end of it and monsoon season continues till September. Bhutan doesn’t receive heavy rainfall, though there can be intermittent showers all through the day. Monsoon only makes the country look spectacular, and thus, is the right time to plan a trip if you are a nature lover. The temperature stays anywhere between the convenient 19℃ and 24℃.

Winter Season in Bhutan

The months between October and February mark the winter season in Bhutan. The coldest month in Bhutan is January when the temperature on an average drop to 8℃. Winter in Bhutan is also a great time to visit.

The months of October and November make for an ideal time to enjoy trekking and festivities in the country.

Temperature Table of Bhutan

S.No Season Temperature Range
1 Summer 13° to 25°
2 Monsoon 19° to 24°
3 Winter -4° to 16°
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