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About Trashi Yangtse

Visit Trashi Yangtse and explore its rich natural, historical & cultural diversity, along with the Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary

Trashi Yangtse is one of the newest districts in Bhutan and was established as early as 1992. It is a treasure trove of natural, historical and cultural resources. One of the things that fascinates visitors is the ethnic and cultural diversity. The locals are experts at woodworking and paper making. Certain items produced by them, such as traditional wooden bowls, are valued throughout Bhutan. It is also home to the Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary which is in itself a part of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary. The major festival of this district is Phurba Drubchen. It is marked by mask dances and cultural programs.

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Trashi Yangtse Tourism

An insight into Trashi Yangtse in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

It does not take long for a visitor to Bhutan to completely fall in love with it. Such are the people, culture, heritage and landscape. Everywhere you go, you are greeted by a warm and comforting smile, and you immediately lose your heart to it. While exploring the beautiful places to visit in Bhutan, you should not miss out Trashi Yangtse. One of the twenty dzongkhags, or districts, in the country, it came into existence in 1992 when it was separated from Trashigang district. That also makes it one of the newest districts in the country.

Much of its landscape is characterised by subtropical and alpine forests. During your Bhutan Trashi Yangtse sightseeing tour, you will be surprised by its richness in culture, heritage and history. It also shows an amazing diversity in its population, as various ethnicities, from Yangsteps to Kurteops, call it their home. As you explore this quaint town, you are surprised by the number of languages spoken by the people in the villages.

One of the popular attractions in Trashi Yangtse is the archery ground along with a dzong. If you are up for some shopping, then you can head towards the main town. Two industries which flourish here are paper making and wood carving. In fact, you can also purchase handmade paper and wooden bowls from the market. Apart from being valuable items, they will remind you of your visit to this beautiful place. The market is also lined by a row of shops selling lacquered wood items and polished wood products. Items made from rhododendron wood are especially popular among tourists. At the handicraft store, situated right in the center of the town, you will come across some fascinating items like butter lamps, wooden bowls and brass items.

A delightful piece of history awaits you at Khamdang in the form of Tshenkharla Ruins. Although as beautiful as the other dzongs in Bhutan, it is special because it was the first of its kind to be built in the country. It was built in the 9th century by a king named Lhasey Tsangma. After being exiled from his kingdom, he decided to settle down in this region and then built this elegant structure. Just in close proximity to it stands a bridge believed to have been built in the 15th century by a spiritual guru named Yogi Dulthop.

Another tourist attraction in Trashi Yangtse which you cannot afford to miss visiting at any cost is Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, most of which falls under this district. It is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries and natural reserves in Bhutan and some parts of it shares borders with Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet. Before entering the sanctuary though, you will require a permit, which can easily be obtained from your travel agent or tour guide. The park is famous for being home to an amazing variety of wildlife, from mammals to avifauna. The most famous of these are grey headed prinias, wood snipes, white tailed eagles, black necked cranes and swallowtail. It is also not often that you come across pilgrimage spots inside a wildlife sanctuary, but this one is. Some of them, like, Singye Dzong, Pamaling, Gompa Karp, Risum Gompa and Sangay Lodrou, are associated with Guru Rinpoche.

Trashi Yangtse is also famous for hosting the Phurba Drubchen, which, in the Tibetan language, means “great accomplishment”. This festival is marked by masked dances called chaams and other cultural programs.

Best Time to Visit Trashi Yangtse

Blessed with pleasant weather, Trashiyantse can be visited year round

Bhutan enjoys lovely weather throughout the year, and it is the same with Trashi Yangtse. The best time to visit it depends on you, although it should be said that this region, like most of Bhutan, receives pleasant weather throughout the year. During the summer season, it is cool and dry.


How to Reach Trashi Yangtse?

Efficient road connectivity and a domestic airport make reaching Trashiyangtse hassle-free.

At a short distance from Trashigang, where a domestic airport of Yongphulla is situated, Trashiyangtse makes for a convenient destination to reach. The Bhutan Roadways operate coaster buses from Thimphu and Phuentsholing twice or thrice a week for Trashiyangtse and cabs are also available easily.

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