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Trekking Adventure in Bhutan

When it comes to trekking, Bhutan proves to be a paradise unrivalled. The kingdom is blessed with a varied topography and landscape that serves home to a number of high altitude treks fitting the need of every kind of a trekker, whether experienced or novice. What accentuates a trekking in Bhutan is the country’s captivating scenic beauty and the sheer wilderness that takes you past the unexplored mountain trails, serene alpine villages and crystal clear lakes. Lofty mountains, rugged yet scenic terrains and a plethora of offbeat trails, Bhutan is indeed a trekker’s delight. Needless to say, a controlled footfall of tourism here, has greatly contributed in protecting the nature and hence, many of the trails remain untouched and unexplored. Therefore, Bhutan is an experience where you have the rustic scenery all to yourself, it is inarguably the perfect place to be for a trekking enthusiast.

Best Time to Trek in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan can be done year round. There are treks for each season of summer, winter, and monsoon.

Some of the Popular Treks in Bhutan

The country is home to a plenty of treks ranging from easy to tough gradient and offering a memorable time to both, beginner and expert trekking enthusiasts. Some of the best trekking places in Bhutan are:

Bumthang Owl Trek

While on a trekking expedition in this beautiful Himalayan kingdom, check out the Bumthang Owl Trek that sits as the country’s easiest and shortest trekking routes. A highly preferred trek by beginners, it starts from the quaint village of Dhur, nestled in the valley of Bumthang and meanders through verdant forests of bamboo, pine, birch and rhododendrons. What adds to the beauty of this hiking expedition, is a tête-à-tête with the Bhutanese nomad Khep and Brokpa people who dwell in the sleepy hamlets en route and leave you with an unmatched cultural experience.

  • Days Required: 2N/3D 
  • Trek Grade: Easy
  • Elevation: 4000 m
  • Best Time: March to June, November and December

Jhomolhari Trek

As a relatively moderate trek in Bhutan, Jhomolhari Trek is the most popular one. Starting in the breathtaking valley of Paro, the six-day trek ends in Thimphu and gives you an opportunity to revel in the spectacular beauty of the majestic Mt. Jhomolhari, which as per Buddhist mythology, sits as an abode of the female protector goddess of Bhutan. A trek here around the popular Jhomolhari Mountain Festival which is celebrated every year in October provides for a glimpse into the kingdom’s fascinating high-altitude nomad culture.

  • Days Required: 6N/7D
  • Trek Grade: Moderate – Difficult
  • Elevation: 4930 m
  • Best Time: April to June, September to November

Snowman Trek

Bhutan boasts numerous difficult treks including the nerve-wracking Snowman Trek. Quite popular amongst professional trekking guides and experienced adventurers, this twenty five days trek is undoubtedly, a sheer challenge that traverses remote landscape, exotic wildlife, snow-trodden trails and aplenty of secluded high altitude passes that sit at a height of more than 16000 feet above sea level; no wonder, it has been recognized as one of the hardest treks in the world.

  • Days Required: 25N/26D
  • Trek Grade: Difficult
  • Elevation: 5320 m
  • Best Time: June to October

Laya Gasa Trek

There are innumerable short treks in Bhutan like the Laya Gasa Trek. It is in fact, a shorter version of the Snowman Trek, and is just a tad bit easier and of course, just half the duration. The fourteen-day trek commences from the ruins of Drukgyel Gompa in Paro and embarks you on a journey crossing gorgeous alpine meadows, sub-tropical jungles and high mountain passes. One of the most scenic treks in Bhutan, it is sure to leave you with a captivating trekking experience.

  • Days Required: 12N/13D
  • Trek Grade: Difficult
  • Elevation: 5005 m
  • Best Time: April to June and September to November

Bumthang Cultural Trek

An easy three-day trek in Bhutan, Bumthang Cultural Trek offers a great opportunity to witness numerous lhakhangs and villages. The trek’s major challenge is the steep ascent to Pephe La (mountain pass). One gets to hike through gorgeous valleys, alongside the meandering rivers.

  • Days Required: 2N/3D
  • Trek Grade: Easy
  • Elevation: 3120 m
  • Best Time: May

Dagala Thousand Lake Treks

As the name suggests, Dagala Thousand Lak Treks is about exploring and witnessing some pristine and picturesque lakes of Bhutan. A six-day trek, it crosses through several Bhutanese Village which offers the opportunity to learn about the rich culture of the country. Along with beautiful lakes, one can also catch sight of Himalayan peaks like Mt. Everest, Jomolhari, Masang Gang, Jichu Drake, and Gangche Ta.

  • Days Required: 5N/6D
  • Trek Grade: Moderate
  • Elevation: 4720 m
  • Best Time: April to June, September and October

Druk Path Trek

Passing through the forests of fir, blue pine and dwarf rhododendrons, Druk Path Trek is a fairly easy trek that gives you a glimpse of Bhutan’s ethereal beauty. The popular trekking trail of this 6-day trek also crosses several villages, lhakhang, and dzongs making it a must-do trek in Bhutan.

  • Days Required: 6N/7D
  • Trek Grade: Moderate
  • Elevation: 4200 m
  • Best Time: March to June and September to November

Duer Hot Springs Trek

One of the most challenging treks in Bhutan, it is a gruelling nine days expedition that is rewarded with the sight of the Duer Hot Springs, which is inarguably one of the most beautiful hot springs in the country. The trekking trail crosses forests of spruce, hemlock, juniper and maple and the regions replete with Blue Sheep and Musk Deer.

  • Days Required: 8N/9D
  • Trek Grade: Difficult
  • Elevation: 4700 m
  • Best Time: March and April, September to November

Needless to say, Bhutan is blessed with yet more charismatic and stunning trekking routes that leave you with a closer rendezvous with the country’s unspoilt splendour, fascinating culture, splendid architecture and rich wildlife. You have to just grab your shoes and pull up your socks to venture on an inspiring journey, uncovering the hidden trails and unveiling the mystic treasures that lie deep in this beautiful Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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