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About Trongsa

Enjoy the views, explore the museum & attend the Trongsa Tshechu in Trongsa

The district of Trongsa was once considered to be the Vanguard of the Warriors, because most of the country was ruled from here. The main town is stretched out on a ridge and offers breathtaking views of the valleys encircling it. Regardless of which hotel or guesthouse you may be staying in, you are treated to spectacular views. The Trongsa Dzong, built in 1644, was once the seat of power of Wangchuk dynasty. There is also a museum which offers valuable insights into the history of the kingdom. Trongsa Tshechu, a five day festival, is held in every monastery during December or January.

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Trongsa Tourism

An insight into Trongsa in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

Nestled on a steep ridge, Trongsa offers spectacular views of the deep valleys and the majestic deep Black Mountains to the southwest. The tourist destination is one of the sleepy and pleasant towns in Bhutan and is lined with traditional whitewashed shops decorated with pot plants. A perfect place for those seeking solitude and peace, Trongsa gives one the opportunity to witness the best of nature. Apart from being a quiet and calm destination, the small town of Bhutan even holds a great historical significance as it used to be the seat of the Wangchuck dynasty before they started ruling Bhutan. Holidaying in Trongsa, travellers shouldn’t miss out on an impressive museum which is dedicated to the Wangchuck Dynasty making it a good place to learn about the history of the kingdom. The other points of interest that tourists can visit when on a vacation to Trongsa include Trongsa Dzong, Kuenga Rabten Palace and Yathra Weaving Centre. If not this, one can even go hiking on trails along the Mangdu-Chu River.

Best Time to Visit Trongsa

Inviting for an amazing travel experience in Bhutan, Trongsa is best visited in spring and autumn.

A trip to Trongsa can be planned between November and February and the months between March and October when the weather is just perfect for a sightseeing tour and indulging in outdoor activities.


How to Reach Trongsa?

The meandering roads connect Trongsa with several parts of Bhutan.

The nearest airport is Paro International Airport. Upon reaching Paro, tourists can avail a taxi service to reach Trongsa covering a distance of approx 233 km. Also, travelling to Trongsa by road is convenient. Several buses connect Trongsa from other tourist destinations like Thimphu and Jakar.

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