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Visa Information of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan follows unique visa policies. With an intention of maintaining its ecological balance and protecting its environmental policies, the country limits the total number of visas to be issued in a year. This also ensures the tourists who visit the country enjoy the beauty to its fullest.

Who Requires Bhutan Visa?

With respect to visa, all nationals except Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivans require visa to enter Bhutan (they require a permit available on arrival). To attain visa, foreign nationals should book their travel either with the licensed Bhutanese tour operator or through an international travel agent.

Documents Required by International Travellers

Travellers have to send a photo copy of the photo-page of their passport to the agent for the visa application. Visa gets processed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, after the payment of visa fee of USD $ 40. It typically takes 3 days for the visa clearance process without which flights tickets cannot be booked. International tourists also need to pay a daily fee during their stay in Bhutan, which is USD $250 during peak season and USD $200 for low season. The daily package includes costs of accommodation, meals, transport and driver.

Mandatory Document: Photo-Page of the Passport

Visa Fee: USD $ 40

Permits for Citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives

There are two ways to obtain a permit for citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives

On Arrival: The permits are issued only at Paro Airport or at Phuentsholing. Following are the documents required for the permit:

  • A duly filled form
  • Itinerary on an A4 Sheet
  • Photocopy of Passport/Voter ID Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Booked Hotel’s Voucher
  • An Undertaking Letter(If you are travelling alone)

Online Permit:

Online Permit is facilitated by The Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs and the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). The system facilitates online processing of permits for tourists through registered Bhutanese tour operators and TCB certified hotels. Traveller using this facility are able to obtain their permit ahead of their arrival in Bhutan.

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