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Gasa Tshechu Festival Bhutan

Duration: 3 Days Place: Gasa

With exuberance spread all around Gasa, the festival holds a spiritual significance. It is during this festival when the Bhutanese mythology comes to life and a number of performances take place. Of all, the popular Mask or Cham dances performed by monks and laymen is a not-to-miss sight. Also, the folk dances and songs let the tourists learn about the tradition and culture of Bhutan.

Insight into Festival Duration,
Dates, and Features

Festival Duration

A three-day festival, Gasa Tshechu is held every year in the month of March or at the beginning of April. The tentative festival dates of Gasa Tshechu for the year 2020 is out which will be held in the first week of April.

Dates for 2020

Starting Date: 1st April 2020Ending Date: 3rd April 2020

Besides, witnessing the rich and colourful Gasa Tshechu, one can even indulge in visiting the top tourist attractions that are including in the Bhutan Festival Tourism Packages.

Festival Destination

Nestled deep in the remote northwest villages of Bhutan, Gasa starkly a beautiful tourism destination which experiences extremely long and cold winters and beautiful summer season. Tourists from India, Bangladesh and Maldives do not require a visa to visit Bhutan but only a travel permit. However, tourists from countries other than these needs to get visa issued which can be done at Paro Airport, Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar or Gelephu in Bhutan.

Special Highlights of the Festival

  • The festival has a spiritual significance.
  • It takes place in Gasa Dzong which is a major attraction in the region.
  • The monks and laymen perform the dance wearing a wooden mask.
  • The festival usually takes place either in March or the first week of April.

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Gasa Tshechu
Festival Bhutan

Enjoy the sight of monks and laymen performing the sacred mask dance

A multi-day festival, Gasa Tshechu is an important cultural festival celebrated by the Bhutanese. Having a spiritual significance, the Gasa Tshechu is held every year in a small district Gasa in Bhutan. During this festival, the mask dances and folk dances are performed by the monks and laymen which has a deep meaning. Being the largest festival in northwest Bhutan, Gasa Tshechu lights up the entire community with a variety of indigenous dance performances that are unique and cannot be witnessed in any other part of the world. The festival usually takes place in the main monastery i.e., the Gasa Dzong and people from in and around the region gather together for the celebration of this popular festival.

It is a strong belief of the Bhutanese people that every human should watch mask dance of as it washes away their sins. The prime reason behind the celebration of the festival is to bring the entire community together where they can socialize and receive blessings. It is during the Gasa Tshechu when Bhutanese mythology comes to life. For instance, during the dance performance, the Guru shows several wrathful forms in front of the audience. This is done to depict a story of a sinner who’s good deeds are outweighed by his bad ones. Meanwhile, a black demon escorts him into hell. The mask in the dance depicts a terrifying bull face who symbolises ruler and protector of the Three Worlds. Also, the dance of the Rakshas shows he has died and his sins and merits are to be judged.

The colourful costumes of the performers are decorated with ornaments and motifs along with wooden masks. This costume of Gasa Tshechu represents fierce gods and animals. As the dance unfurls, the costumes worn by the monks become a swirl of bright colours which entices the audience to immerse in the celebration.

Once done with witnessing the Gasa Tshechu, tourists can indulge in exploring the scenic beauty all around the destination the comprises pristine forests. The region is an environmentally protected area of the country with the Jigme Dorji National Park being the jewel if the region. Besides this, there are other places to see in the region like Gasa Dzong, also known as Tashi Thongmon Dzong and Gasa Hot Springs, where there a number of cosy guesthouses.