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About Chukha

Witness the rich cultural diversity, visit monasteries & revel in the natural beauty of Chukha

Chukha boasts a rich cultural diversity, home as it is to two cultural groups, Ngalops & Lhotshampas. The latter are of Nepalese origins and celebrate several non-Buddhist festivals. Having been blessed by many Buddhist masters, it is religiously significant. It is home to Jabar Goemba Monastery, inside which is a dagger that is believed to have flown from Tibet. Another monastery, Tshamdrak Goemba, is equally significant as it is home to relics like 100 ceremonial drums and a large stone slab.

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Chukha Tourism

An insight into Chukha in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

Tourists are bound to get carried away with Bhutan’s mesmerising beauty, magnificent mountain ranges, breathtaking glaciers and serene lakes. However, Chukha which is a relatively hot and wet region is no less either. Located in the dense subtropical forests of south-western Bhutan, Chukha holds a prime position in the commercial and financial stability of Bhutan. A number of industries are set up here including the Hydro Power and Tala Hydroelectricity project which are the key sources of national income. Chukha district acts as an entry point into the western part of Bhutan from India. Travellers who are keen for a road trip will have to face the snaky roads cascading down the mountain hills along with the view of lush greenery around. Chukha also plays a very important role behind the popularity of Buddhism since it has some of the finest and sacred monasteries of the country. The captivating beauty of Jabar Goemba monastery which is strategically located amongst five mountains will leave you spellbound. Pagar Goemba is yet another picturesque monastery built amidst mountains known for certain interesting stories.

The main town of Chukha district is Phuntsholing, which sits on the border joining India and Bhutan. It is separated by a much photographed gate, commonly referred as the Bhutan Gate. One of the popular tourist attractions here is the crocodile breeding centre, where this predator is typically seen lazing around soaking in the sun. Visiting Chukha Dzong is bound to make you awestruck. The view of the lush green backdrop against which the fort is built is truly a treat to your eyes. To sum up, with such variety of tourist places, favourable climatic conditions, local delicacies and shopping, Chukha district becomes a perfect holiday destination of Bhutan.

Best Time to Visit Chukha

A hot and wet region with subtropical forests, Chukha is best visited in the winter season.

Situated in southwestern Bhutan, Chukha is a hot and wet region which is blessed with dense subtropical forests. The place is best visited in the winter months between December and February when the humidity decreased and the sun is pleasantly warm.


How to Reach Chukha?

Enjoying good road connectivity from Paro as well as India, Chukha can be reached without any hassle.

The southwestern region of Bhutan, Chukha enjoys decent road connectivity from Paro International Airport as well as some destinations like Siliguri and Jaigaon in India. Therefore, reaching Chukha is quite convenient year round.

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