An out and out travel destination for hedonists, Thailand is where every day is a new opportunity to take a plunge into an adventure of some kind. It’s quite difficult to make choices in Thailand where the tourist attractions are in plenty and the allure to explore is ever-increasing. A beach lover’s paradise that this Southeast Asian destination is, it boasts of a surreal coastline that can mesmerize at the very first encounter. Don’t even let us get started on the variety of watersports and activities in Pattaya, Ko Lipe and Ko Tao, and those unforgettable and famous beach parties like the one on Koh Phi Phi. Those with the ravenous appetite for backpacking, Thailand is the best tourism destination with a well-curated travel guide to eat cheap yet delicious street food, sleep in some fancy hostels, sightsee and party in a budget that will not burn a hole in the pocket.

The country is also an ideal destination for honeymoon couples, southern Thailand, Krabi makes for the best getaway for the newlyweds who can find enough quiet time to spend together and to experience the romantic ambiance in one of the most scenic settings. Thailand is also one of the best places to sight the exquisite Buddhist temples. It is also one of the ideal places for spiritual tours and witnesses the ubiquitous religious devotion. The rural side of the country is also quite a sight to have, the lush rice paddy fields and emerald forests both create a picture, the memories of which are indelible. Thailand is indeed a celebration of life, it is a place where the contrast creates both confusion and comedy but at the end of each debate, it stands as an interesting place to see in Southeast Asia. It’s not for nothing, the country is called ‘The Land of Smiles.’

Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Top Things to Do in Thailand

img Adventure

Zip lining, underwater activities, skydiving and so much more, feel the adrenaline rush with the number of adventure activities.

img River Cruise

Take an exotic river cruise in Thailand to experience spectacular skyline and amazing view.

img Island Trips

Transparent water and white beaches make Thailand a perfect destination for island hopping.

img Heritage

Crafted over 700 years ago, Thailand is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful Thai traditions.

img Nature

Thailand is a gem which is blessed with spectacular scenic beauty. A must visit place for all nature lovers.

img Beach

With pristine tropical islands, undoubtedly Thailand is one of the most spectacular beach destinations one can ever visit.

img Snorkeling

With islands and beaches all around, Thailand is the best place snorkel and witness the beautiful aquatic life.

img Waterfalls

Waterfalls are the hidden gems of this island country. Tourists should not leave the country without witnessing the amazing falls.

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Thailand Visa Information

Thailand offers visa on arrival to citizens of various countries. The visa duration is different for travellers entering the country via land borders (15 day) sand those arriving through an international airport (30 days). Thailand Visa can be extended up to 90 days as per the new rules.

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Best Time to Visit Thailand

Since the climate varies throughout Thailand, one can plan a visit all through the year. However, the cool and dry months from November to early April are the best time to visit Thailand. In south of Thailand, the west coast is more

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