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Talo Tshechu Festival Bhutan

Duration: 3 Days Place: Bumthang

A celebration that takes place once a year for three days, Talo Tshechu marks the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha. The colourful and exciting festival offers a sight that depicts the rich culture and tradition of Bhutan. On being here during the festival, tourists can witness the popular mask dance accompanied by the Astaras- the Bhutanese clown.

Insight into Festival Duration,
Dates, and Features

Festival Duration

This popular event is celebrated over a course of three days at the Talo Monastery. The festival dates are mentioned below.

Dates for 2020

Starting Date: 01st March 2020Ending Date: 03rd April 2020

Festival Destination

To attend the popular festival of Talo Tshechu in Bhutan, you will have to make your way towards the Talo Monastery. Seated high on a mountain ridge, the monastery overlooks the valley of Punakha. It is counted among the top tourist attractions inside the country both for its cultural significance and the spectacular view it provides of the surroundings. Before planning a trip to Bhutan with exciting tour packages, you should know something about the Bhutan visa process. Citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives do not require a visa to visit this country. If you happen to be a foreign national though, you do.

Special Highlights of the Festival

  • Exciting mask dances
  • A variety of folk songs
  • Exciting dances by the villagers

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Talo Tshechu
Festival Bhutan

Get amazed by the exciting celebration of Guru Rinpoche’s birthday

People have different reasons for planning a trip to Bhutan. For some, it is their colorful festivals. The Bhutan festival of Talo Tshechu brings together people from all the 20 districts. During the course of the festival, prayers are offered and blessings are sought from several gods and goddesses. If your travel to Bhutan coincides with the dates of this festival, then it is something not to be missed.

Like other festivals in Bhutan, this one too possesses its own spiritual and cultural significance, no doubt. However, for the locals, it is an occasion which brings about a family reunion. This is that time of the year when friends and relatives leave their work behind them and look forward to returning home and being a part of the celebrations.

The festival of Talo Tshechu is marked by exciting and colourful mask dances which are accompanied by atsara. (Atsaras are jesters who wear colourful masks and guide the mask dancers in every step. They are in fact storytellers who provide the background to every dance as it is performed). It is held at the Talo Monastery, which is in itself a major tourist attraction and always finds a mention in every Bhutan travel guide.

The dances are accompanied by three songs which are called Mani Sum. These are performed as the closing item on each day of the three days of the festival. Apart from this, there are three other songs, Samyi Sala, Drukpa Dungey and Thowachi Gangi Tselay. The songs are performed in a successive order over the course of three days. Different kinds of delightful mask dances are performed by Buddhist monks which entertain the onlookers immensely. Villagers also join in the celebrations by dancing to their hearts delight.

If you are planning a Bhutan festival tour which covers all the exciting festivals in Bhutan, then you should certainly participate in this one.