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Important Bhutan Travel Tips

Follow these simple Bhutan travel tips to keep your tour in the country hassle-free and convenient. Travelling in Bhutan requires following general rules but there are certain tips that are exclusively for the country.

  • Travel/medical insurances are available with Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan.
  • The standard time is 6 hours ahead of GMT.
  • Bhutan’s currency is called Ngultrum.
  • The Point of Sale (POS) services are available nationwide which means tourists can make payments by credit card at various hotels and handicraft shops.
  • Tourists’ cheque can be withdrawn and exchanged for local currency at various banks like Bank of Bhutan Limited, the Bhutan National Bank, the Druk PNB and the Tashi Bank.
  • Bring flat-to-round pin converters as Bhutan has round hole two-pin and three-pin power outlets.
  • Check with your guide before taking pictures and filming inside dzongs, temples, monasteries and religious institutions as in some places photography/filming is prohibited.
  • Photography and filming of exterior of a monastery or dzong is permitted.
  • Handicrafts items and hand-woven textiles, handmade paper products, finely crafted gods of silver, postage stamps, and thangkas are the best things to buy from Bhutan.
  • Selling and buying of antiques is strictly prohibited in Bhutan.
  • Tipping is welcomed is Bhutan, however, it is purely a personal choice. It is recommended to place the gratuity in an envelope.
  • Bhutan has good mobile phone network and telecom facility. Global roaming is also easily available.
  • Most cafes and hotels offer free Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Weather in Bhutan varies with the altitude and topography. It is ideal to carry light to heavy woollens irrespective of the season.
  • Dress modestly while visiting places of religious importance like dzongs, monasteries, and chortens. Long sleeved shirts and long pants are ideal for such places.
  • Remove your hats, caps at religious and administrative institutions and wherever the national flag is being raised.
  • The metric system for weighing in Bhutan in gram (g) and kilogram (kg) and for distance is kilometre (km).
  • It is advisable to consult a doctor before embarking on a trip to Bhutan for vaccination and appropriate medication. As a minimum one should have tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis vaccinations.
  • Though Bhutan is a safe destination, it is advised to exercise caution and to take care of personal belongings and important documents like passport by not leaving them unattended.
  • Bottled water is recommended to be consumed in Bhutan instead of tap water.
  • Learn about the pre-set limit for carrying tobacco goods and stick to the limit.
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