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Travel to the land of mountains and monasteries. Get the best Bhutan Holiday Tour Packages to enjoy a soothing vacation and embrace the traditional Buddhist culture.

Bhutan Tourism- Explore Tourist Places, Attractions & Things to Do in Bhutan

Reckoned as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan tucked in Himalaya has been blanked in a mysterious fog and magic for a long period. In this part of the Himalaya, the happiness is measured in Gross National Happiness and above all its the place where traditional Buddhism principles meet modernity. Mystical beauty of Himalaya; fun loving people grinning from ear to ear; widening roads with no traffic lights and blending of the ancient and modern Buddhist belief; all these things together makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating. Such is the charismatic beauty of this place that it compels you to take out the camera and bring out the inner photographer in you. Tourists who want to know Buddhist culture little better; visit some of the finest temples, mountains in the world; trek to sacred passes; and explore the quirkiest cities in the world than the only that is waiting for you with lots of happiness is Bhutan. If you’re planning a trip to Bhutan, then see below for the blog that would tell you about all what you need to know for the journey.

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