Hong Kong & Macau, though both different in several ways are united on one note, the cultural dynamism. A dramatic reaction of a dropping jaw comes calling in Macau, dubbed the Vegas of the East when one encounters the Portuguese influence that too on a substantial level. On the other hand, the home to one of world’s swiftest transport system and an iconic skyline, Hong Kong has sheltered a number of cultures under its roof, Chinese, Japanese, French, you’d get to relish a brilliant potpourri here. For nature lovers, Hong Kong has enchanting neighbourhood adorned with islands and mountains that offer brilliant opportunity to hike or kayak. Macau’s Coloane Village give travellers a chance fall in love with serene rural life and scenic coastline. A food lover at heart? Hong Kong being a melting pot of culture has a variety that can satiate people with a large appetite. Try the mouth-melting dimsums, a bowl of wonton noodles or something from the French cuisine, you’d find them not only delicious but quite authentic as well. Macau on the other guarantees an unforgettable flavour of hybrid Macanese food (Portugal and China influenced).

Wishing to relish more deep-rooted culture? Head to the further south of Macau to the conjoined islands of Taipa, there remains preserved the finest Macanese architecture. In Hong Kong, however, you need not go to a distant place, chances are from a short distance from each other you can witness Asia’s top film festival, taichi, indie music or Chinese opera in a bamboo theatre. Not to forget the major attraction in Macau, the must-see casino life. So head to Cotai which is the hub of new mega-casinos. Not interested in splurging on casinos but on shopping? Hong Kong is your go-to destination because it offers everything from nerdy gadgets to Chinese gowns to speciality knives;  a meld of markets in the city offers you a chance to even haggle to your heart’s content. Any travel guide of Macau and Hong Kong will not be completed without mentioning the luxury holiday option, the two distinct travel destinations render luxury seekers a vacation of a lifetime with finest boutique hotels, best in class services and warmest of warm hospitality.

Top Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong and Macau

Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

img Casino

With over 40 casinos Hong Kong has become a mini Vegas and a dream spot for all casino lovers.

img Theme Park

Meet your favorite Disney characters and have a fun-filled day at Disney Land in Hong Kong.

img Hiking

Hong Kong is a home to some of the easiest and best hiking trails.

img Cable Car Ride

Cable Car Ride in Hong Kong is a spectacular journey with one of its kind experience.

img Museums

One can not return without witnessing rich cultural displays of the country at its beautiful museums.

img Heritage

A unique blend of Portuguese & Chinese culture makes Hong Kong interestingly different.

img Shopping

Indulging in some night market shopping is one of the very popular things to do in Hong Kong.

img Nightlife

Macau has a vibrant nightlife. Step out and experience the glitz and glamour.

img Cruise

Nothing is better than exploring beautiful Hong Kong by the luxurious cruise.

img Food & Drink

Experience the rich aromatic taste of Japanese, the Asian and Chinese cuisine.

img Festivals

From honoring French language to celebrating Ireland and Irish culture, Macau has a number of vibrant festivals.

img Nature Parks

Hong Kong has well-conserved national parks which are one of the best places to explore.

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Hong Kong & Macau Visa Information

Hong Kong offers free visa to almost 160 countries in the world whereas Macau exempt 66 countries from a visa. The minimum period of staying in Macau has been set to 14 days, nationals of some countries can stay up to 180 days. Read to find the prerequisites of Hong Kong & Macau Visa in detail.

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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong & Macau

The best time to visit Hong Kong & Macau is from October to early December, when the weather is sunny and pleasant without the possibility of rain or typhoon. The spring season between March and April is also a good time to plan a trip to Hong Kong & Macau.

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