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Bird Watching in Bhutan

Blessed with exotic scenery and with dense forest covers and protected land areas that serve home to over 670 species of both native and migrant avifauna, Bhutan is often christened as the Birding Paradise. Needless to say, countless number of passionate bird watchers and ornithologist swarm here from far and wide to capture a solitary glimpse of these charmingly-dressed creatures.

Best Time for Birding in Bhutan: September to May

Birding in Paro

Head to the breathtaking valley of Paro that sits nestled in the slopes of Western Bhutan; the Pa Chu Riverbed in the area is a favourite birding hotspot. Look out for the Fire-Capped Tit, Dark-Throated Thrush, Olive-Backed Pipit, Brown Dipper, Ibis Bill and several other winged species that provide an enchanting sight, playing and chirping around amidst the craggy rocks and bushes.

Birdwatching at Che Le La

For another best birding experience in Bhutan, grab your cameras and embark on a scenic drive to the alluring Che Lela; on your journey here along the winding roads meandering through verdant forests of Blue Pines, Silver Fir and Rhododendrons and get captivated with some magical sights of Ward’s Trogons, Yellow Billed Magpies, Spotted Nutcrackers, Darjeeling Woodpecker and a colourful variety of pheasants that often flock by in great numbers.

Birding in Thimphu

A birding tour in Bhutan is incomplete without visiting the country’s charming capital, Thimphu. A hub for nature enthusiasts, the city is ideal for a short halt to indulge in a birdwatching experience around the picturesque Villages of Begana and Cheri that leave you with an opportunity to spot some unusual winged species including the Golden-Breasted Fulvetta, Fire-Capped Tit and Maroon-Backed Accentor.

Birdwatching Punakha

Carve all your way up to the entrancing valley of Punakha where one can visit the famous Jigme Dorji Wangchuk Wildlife Sanctuary sitting as a treasure trove of rare and indigenous avifauna. Look out for Green-Tailed Sunbird, Golden Bush Robin, Orange-Bellied Leafbird, Tibet Serin and Straited Laughing Thrush that often surprise visitors with their melodious chirps and magical glimpses.

For a much splendid birdwatching tour, walk along the banks of the Mo Chu River that flows through the sanctuary and serves as a home to the exotic White-Bellied Herons, which are on the verge of extinction. Indeed, this bird species is rare, and thus make for a hypnotic sight and leaves every visitor enchanted.

Birding in Phobjikha Valley

On a birding expedition in Bhutan, a must-visit is the famous and mystical Phobjikha Valley. Home to the highly endangered and revered Black Necked Cranes that fly here from the Tibetan plateau in the winter months, it’s a destination that should be included in your travel itineraries.

Birdwatching in Bumthang and Sengor

Your tryst with a great birding experience in Bhutan is incomplete without visiting the mist covered valleys of Bumthang and Sengor that are home to few exotic species like Rufous-Necked Hornbill, Satyr Tragopan and Fire-Tailed Sunbird. These places in Bhutan are recognized amongst the plushest birding areas in the world and provide for a fascinating time to every bird watcher and nature lover.

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