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About Gasa

Gasa is famous for its hot springs, dzong, snowman trek & royal highlander festival

Gasa, the northernmost district of Bhutan, is famous for its forests and its dzong, which is located at an incredibly unusual position. The Gasa Dzong was built to mark the victory over Tibetans & defend the country against invasions during the 17th and 18th century. It is home to Layaps, a nomadic tribe which earns revenue by selling products made from yaks. It is also famous for thee Snowman Trek, hot springs & Royal Highlander Festival, which is a relatively new festival held to promote the sustainable livelihood of highlanders.

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Gasa Tourism

An insight into Gasa in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

The striking beauty of Gasa situated in the northernmost district of Bhutan, is something any tourist would fall in love with instantly. With a population of little more than 3000, this incredibly beautiful district has elevation ranging from 1500 mtrs to 4500 mtrs. The region has very long and extreme winters, however summers which are very short but exceptionally wonderful to experience. Having surrounded by picturesque lakes, glaciers and snowy mountains, Gasa has become a famous tourist attraction of Bhutan. Another notable highlight of this region is its inhabitants known as Layaps who are typically nomads well-known for their unique culture and tradition. It is also quite interesting to understand about their various means of livelihood.

Gasa’s natural beauty isn’t the only factor which attracts visitors, its national park which is one of the largest in the country is equally popular among the tourists. Jigme Dorji National Park is one of the top tourist attractions of Bhutan and is a home for snow leopards, Takin, Red panda, mountain goats and some of the rare flora and fauna. After a long day at the national park, tourists can simply unwind themselves by taking a dip in the Gasa Tshachu which is a collection of natural hot springs. Considered as a national heritage spot, these hot springs are a huge draw for tourists and locals due to its medicinal properties. Gasa Dzong is a castle like monument, built as a defending barrack decades ago, making it yet another non omissible scenic point of Gasa. Adventure junkies will surely get goose bumps trekking the challenging Snowman trek in the Himalayas. Tourists should not also miss the annual Royal Highlander festival which depicts the unique culture and tradition of the locals. While the tourist spots are handful, there is no dearth of natural beauty in Gasa making it one of the top destinations of Bhutan.

Best Time to Visit Gasa

With moderate rainfall, Gasa is best visited in June and July for the best travel experience.

Situated in far north, Gasa enjoys light rainfall which makes it a welcoming destination in monsoon. However, the month of March is also the best time to visit to witness Gasa Tshechu. The autumn month of October is ideal to visit Gasa for trekking.


How to Reach Gasa?

Well-connected by road, Gasa makes for one of the easily accessible destinations in Bhutan.

Gasa stands at a close proximity to Punakha, some odd 47 km away. This destination in Bhutan is well-connected by road to Punakha and along with convenient travelling experience boasts picturesque views.

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