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Paro International Airport

The real fun in travelling to Bhutan begins right at the moment when the tourists get the bird’s eye’s view the Paro International Airport. The International Airport of Bhutan has the most stunning views which make the landing on such airport a golden moment for the tourists. Offering amazing views, the Paro International Airport is considered to be one of the most challenging airports in the world as only 8 pilots are certified to land the flights at the airport.

Travellers will get mesmerized by the bird’s eye view of the airport where one can see the vibrant green valley, breathtaking mountains, clear blue sky and gushing sound of River Paro which makes the entire sightseeing place an enchanting picture to be captured both in camera and mind. In a nutshell, travellers shouldn’t miss the takeoff and landing sight which is an amazing and unique travel experience in itself.