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About Haa

Visit Haa to enjoy biking, hiking & exploring the untouched alpine forests

The district of Haa is a hidden paradise in Bhutan, and quite aptly, has been called the “hidden land rice valley”. Not only is it one of the most beautiful, it is also the most isolated areas in all of Bhutan. Visit Haa if you enjoy hiking, mountain biking or simply exploring the countryside. Its appeal lies in its being largely untouched alpine forests. It hosts the annual Summer Festival which showcases the unique lifestyle of nomadic herders of the region. It is also a wonderful opportunity to try the Haapi cuisine.

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Haa Tourism

An insight into Haa in Bhutan that will help you get a wonderful holiday experience.

Nestled in the Himalayas and not commercially popular, Haa valley is adorned with stunning mountain peaks and picturesque alpine forest view. Tourists in search of peace will instantly connect to this natural beauty, thereby relaxing their mind and body. Haa is sparsely populated and relatively isolated valley which was made open for tourists only in the year 2002 making it the most untouched and unexploited destination in Bhutan. Considered as the ancestral home of Queen’s Grandmother and Dorji family, this quaint place is filled with tradition and festivals. Having said this, a visit coinciding the annual summer festival is recommended to witness the unique culture and lifestyle of the locals.

A complete paradise for adventure seekers, the incredible beauty of wooden hills and paddy fields of Haa will surely help them make the most of the place. Locals here are typically Yak herders and its fun to watch them weave Yak hair tents and sample the other Yak products on display. In order to reach Haa Valley, tourists have to cross the Chele-La-Pass which gives an outstanding view of Mt. Chomolhari. Visiting nearby sights such as Haa Chu, Haa Dzong and various temples & gompas ensures that tourists get to explore maximum from this region. Haa’s enthralling and untainted beauty is going to give its visitors one of the most unforgettable joys of life.

Best Time to Visit Haa

Boasting excellent views of the Mt Jomolhari, Haa is best visited in the autumn season.

Blessed with surreal landscape and finest views, Haa Valley is best visited in the autumn season, between October and November. Along with the pleasant weather, the season is ideal to get the finest views of the snow-capped Mt Jhomolhari and Jichu Drake.


How to Reach Haa?

At close proximity to Bhutan’s international airport and boasting excellent road connectivity, Haa can be reached with no hassle.

The beautiful Haa is situated at a distance of 65 km from Paro where the only international airport of Bhutan is located. This beautiful destination also enjoys decent road connectivity making it quite convenient to be visited.

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