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Culture of Bhutan

A place of enchanting spirituality, holy monasteries, pristine locales and green rolling hills, Bhutan is also home to a unique and fascinating culture. The country’s independent and sovereign history gave rise to a rich and distinct culture over the ages that is heavily influenced by the teachings of Buddha. Home to a plethora of monasteries, chortens and lhakhangs, Bhutan is famous for its rich Buddhist heritage. The people here have strong faith in the sacred Buddhist values. A traditional monastery or fortress adorned with colourful flags, the Dzong is present in every district and it is reflective of the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.

Festivals of Bhutan

Adding charm to the mesmerizing culture of Bhutan are its exciting festivals. Celebrated with great enthusiasm, the festivals like Drubchen, Tshechu, Gomphu Kora etc. form an integral part of the lives of the people here. A cultural extravaganza of dances performed by dancers dressed in colourful silk costumes, these festivals carry on for several days.The most famous dance form of Bhutan is the classical lama dance and like the country’s other dance forms, it also draws inspiration from the legends, myths and history of the nation.

Art and Craft in Bhutan

The arts and crafts of Bhutan share a deep connection with its Buddhist history and carry strong spiritual significance. Unlike contemporary art, Buddhist art takes its inspiration from nature and the spectacular scenery of the country and it is symbolic and impersonal. Bhutanese people are experts in weaving art which  is called Thag-Zo. The Nabji and Korphu people of Trongsa are known for textiles woven out of nettle fibers. Bhutanese people have also skilled themselves in weaving cane and bamboo products which is known as Tsha-Zo; carpentry skill called Shing-Zo; woodwork known as Shag-Zo; paintings or Lha-Zo; and masonry skill also known as Do-Zo. The people of Bhutan are also skilled in the art of carving which is known as Par-Zo; clay work or Jim-Zo; bronze casting art or Lug-Zo; iron work or Gar-Zo; ornament making skill or Troe-Ko; paper making skill or De-Zo; the art of embroidery, lhem Drup; the art of appliqué, Tsho lham; and the art of traditional Bhutanese boot making.

The Traditional Attire of Bhutan

The ‘Gho’ and the ‘Kira’ are the national dresses of Bhutan for men and women respectively and they display the unique and colourful character of this Dragon Kingdom.

Architecture of Bhutan

The marvellous architecture of Bhutan is another feature of the country’s unique culture. Boasting sloped roofs, earthen walls and intricate wooden work, the houses here are built in accordance with the climate and terrain of this region.

For the Bhutanese people, their culture is a source of their pride and an extension of their noble values. They carry it with immense respect and put a strong emphasis on its preservation. The people here, due to their self sufficient lifestyle and Buddhist teachings of contentment, shower travellers with their warm hospitality and exhibit a calm and peaceful demeanour which leaves a deep imprint in the minds of tourists.

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