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Dobji Dzong

Considered to be first model Dzong in Bhutan, Dobzi Dzong is a tourist spot in Paro which looms magnificently on a hilltop. The Dzong was erected in the year 1531 by Ngawang Chogyal, the brother of Choji Drukpa Kunley, who is also known as the ‘Divine Madman.’ It is believed that Ngawang Chogyal followed the spring that emerged below the throne of Jetsun Milarepa in Tibet and the source of the spring was discovered to be the rock which was located at Dobji Dzong. For this reason, Dobji Dzong was chosen for having a religious significance.

Even though a tremendous earthquake destroyed much of the Dzong, but the spring is still visible, the sight of which gives a wonderful travel experience to the tourists visiting Dobji Dzong. Also, it is the Terma statue (the treasured statue of Guru Langdarchen), the central tower in the Dzong is believed to have survived. As tourists indulge in exploring the interior of the Dobji Dzong, one would come across many religious relics including the Goem-Chamdal Sum like Mahakali, Mahakala and the Raven Crown.

Along with being one of the important tourist attractions of Paro, Dobji Dzong serves as a Buddhist monastery with two monks residing in it. Apart from the fortress building, there are two dormitories that stand perfectly on either side of the courtyard and a main temple at the forefront. These buildings have got renovated in the recent years but the main Dzong still stands imposing retaining its original structure. A visit to Dobji Dzong when holidaying in Paro will let the tourists get a complete blend of majestic views, rich history and warm-hearted residents.