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Popular Attractions To Visit in Samtse

A location for those who are seeking paths less traveled and mysteries unraveled, the district of Samtse awaits with its arms wide open. A place where where the rice is redder than the chilis and the landscapes seem right out of a fairytale, the Samtse Dzongkhag covers the extreme southwestern corner region of Bhutan. A subtropical district, it has always been away from the city culture, and has existed as an oasis of tranquillity. Offering a fine amalgamation of cultures, traditions, and a wide variety of ethnicities, this Dzongkhag is breathtakingly beautiful, irrespective of its size. To add to the already eye-opening experience, the humbleness of locals in this location is what makes this Dzongkhag stand out.

An example of its rich ethnic diversity is the Shivalaya Mandir, Bhutan’s first-ever Hindu temple. Devoted to the God of destruction, Lord Shiva and the temple has been tagged as one of the most iconic architectures in this Dzongkhag. Showcasing the alluring sandstone carvings, this Hindu temple is home to the deity that was brought to Bhutan from the largest state of India, Rajasthan. Apart from the Shivalaya Mandir, the Samtse Dzongkhag is home to a small Buddhist temple, Samtse Khorlo Chorten. This Buddhist temple is not only home to a stupa, but is also one of the most serene places to chill with the people one loves. The surrounding mango trees make this spot a lot cooler than you would expect.

Another place that appeals to travelers is the Gomtu Industrial Estate. The quaint town of Gomtu is home to a hidden private monastery that offers some magnificent views of the various industries located in town from up top. Moreover, the park sitting in the heart of this town along with the prayer wheel, Mani Dungkhor, is nothing less than a cherry on top of this already charming town.

When traveling to a new destination, travelers tend to look out for some offbeat places they could visit. The Punakha Phonchu Suspension Bridge is one such place, and attracts a large number of photographers. A bridge so long that it fails to fit in one single frame, the Punakha Bridge is made of iron with wooden planks forming the base. Making the heart pump faster than ever, this bridge never fails to satiate the adventurous inner souls of the daredevils. The sounds of wooden planks cracking as soon as the car touches the rim of this bridge leaves the travelers with bated breath. The tiny, clear blue pond flowing underneath the bridge allows travelers to take a dive and beat the monsoon heat. Paying a visit to the bridge definitely deserves a place on the bucket list of all the thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts!


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