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Yoga, Health & Wellness Tourism in Bhutan

Gem of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is blessed with an enchanting scenery, mystic vibes and a soul-captivating aura that also makes it an idyllic destination to plan your wellness vacation. The great Himalayan Kingdom today, is gaining popularity as wellness holiday destination due to its calm and quietude abounding in myriad of places promising peace, solace and complete healing of body, mind, and soul. Steeped in peace, solace and spirituality, Bhutan has everything that one looks for in a holiday to leave completely revived and rejuvenated. The happiest country in Asia and the only carbon negative nation in the world brims with a number of activities that provide for a relaxing time away from the hustle and chaos of everyday life.

Yoga & Meditation in Bhutan

Yoga & meditation is something that marks its position on top in the list of things to do by every vacationer travelling to Bhutan on a wellness holiday trip. While there are countless hotels that facilitate yoga and retreat sessions right in their premises, for someone looking for a serious and intensive meditation program, there are ample retreat centres, hermitages and caves across the country that provide for that much needed opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and meditate upon the purpose of life.

Those who would love to combine their wellness spree with a holistic spiritual experience in Bhutan can simply hike to a nearby monastery and unwind in a quiet session with the resident monks while also soaking souls in a hypnotic scenery and soft Buddhist chants reverberating in the air.

Traditional Bhutanese Healing Therapies

While there is no denying of the fact that yoga and meditation remain a major draw for wellness travellers in the great Himalayan kingdom, there are yet more offerings that enhance their overall wellbeing; the traditional Bhutanese healing therapies are one such choice that are today, tremendously setting off the wellness tourism in Bhutan.

Spa & Wellness Centres in Bhutan

The Last Shangri La in the world is peppered with a plethora of spas and wellness centres that offer unique experience with their range of herbal treatments and steam & oil baths that help invigorate the senses leaving the visitors absolutely rejuvenated.

Hot Stone Bath Therapy in Bhutan

On a wellness trip here, one must also try the ancient Bhutanese hot stone bath therapy called Manchu. The therapy involves heating river stones on fire till red hot, then immersing them in wooden troughs of water to cure conditions like joint pains, arthritis, soreness, inflammation and even sinus. While many five star hotels and resorts offer such therapies in luxurious settings, the most spectacular experience can be received in a rustic locales overlooking the pristine valleys and gorgeous mountainscape.

Hot Spring Baths in Bhutan

Bhutan is also a place where you will find plenty of hot spring baths traditionally known as Tsachus. Dotted throughout the country, they are known to heal a range of dermatological ailments and form an integral part of a wellness travellers itinerary. Amongst the well-known thermal springs of the country, Gasa Tsachu located by the banks of Mo Chu near Punakha is extremely popular. These springs are best enjoyed during rainy and winter months, so, just in case you are planning your trip here, plan accordingly.

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