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Accommodation Options in Bhutan

Staying in Bhutan is definitively once in a lifetime experience. The kingdom is truly a nature’s paradise, having blessed with an abundance of natural beauty everywhere. It is for this reason; Bhutan follows quite unique accommodation policies for its tourists. These policies are an endeavour by the Tourism council to maintain the sanctity of the place and to keep it eco-friendly. In this paradisiacal place, the international tourists have the opportunity to stay in hotels ranging from 3-star to 5-star along with an experience of staying in farms or homes of the locals.

Hotel Categories in Bhutan

Bhutan typically provides hotels with minimum of 3-star rating going up to 5 stars. Since all the hotels are approved by the tourism council, Bhutanese hotels maintain international standards and are clean and hygienic. They provide facilities ranging from television, room service, fitness centres, spa, wifi and many more. The feeling of staying in these Bhutanese hotels having traditional architecture, amidst blissful nature is simply divine.

Some of the Best 3-Star Hotels in Bhutan

Three-star hotels in Bhutan offer value for money services along with warm hospitality that the country is famous for. Some of the best 3-star staying places in Bhutan are:

3-Star Hotels in Thimphu

  • Hotel Kisa
  • Hotel Jumolhari
  • Hotel Migmar
  • Hotel Pedling

3-Star Hotels in Punakha

  • Meri Puensum Resort
  • Hotel Drubchhu
  • Damchen Resort
  • Hotel Vara

3-Star Hotels in Trongsa

  • Yankhil Resort
  • Phuenzi Lodge

3-Star Hotels in Bumthang

  • Ugeyling Resort
  • Peling Resort

3-Star Hotels in Paro

  • Mandala Resort
  • Dewachen Resort
  • Janka Resort

Some of the Best 4-Star Hotels in Bhutan

Blended with world-class services and warm hospitality, the 4-star hotels in Bhutan offer tourists an unforgettable experience amidst the pristine and serene nature. Here are some top 4-star hotels in Bhutan.

4-Star Hotels in Thimphu

  • Hotel Druk
  • Ramada

4-Star Hotels in Trongsa

  • Yankhil Resort
  • Phuenzi Lodge

4-Star Hotels in Bumthang

  • Yurghalling Resort
  • Jakar Village Resort

4-Star Hotels in Punakha

  • RKPO Green Resort

4-Star Hotels in Paro

  • Naksel Boutique
  • Resort and Spa Haven Resort

Some of the Best 5-Star Hotels in Bhutan

Only the places like Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa, Bumthang have 5* properties, while the rest of the country has a wide network of 3 & 4 star properties. Some of the best luxury hotels in Bhutan are:

5-Star Hotels in Thimphu

  • Taj Tashi
  • Le Meridien

5-Star Hotels in Trongsa

  • Yankhil Resort
  • Phuenzi Lodge

5-Star Hotel in Bumthang

  • Yurghalling Resort

5-Star Hotel in Punakha

  • Dhensa Boutique Resort and Spa – Suite

5-Star Hotel in Paro:

  • Jr. Suite / Le Meridien

Resorts in Bhutan

Tourists can also choose to stay in resorts which have now started getting some limelight in the country. The idea of staying in a resort coupled with spa and modern amenities will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

Farmstay Options in Bhutan

Apart from these, Bhutan is also known for its farmstay options and it should definitely be a part of your itinerary. It is an experience of staying in the farms so as to witness Bhutanese farming. These farmstays provide insights on the lifestyle of the farmer and their daily chores. Not to forget the stay is inclusive of delicious homemade food and unmatched hospitality by the locals. Some farm stay options in Bhutan are Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary in Trashigang, Gubjithang in Punakha, and Dungtse Lhakhang.

Homestays in Bhutan

Likewise, the home stay options are also quite popular among tourists. Here as a tourist you have the option of staying in a traditional home of a local family. All the home stay options are authorized by the council and are generally located in the countryside amidst greenery and scenic views.

A homestay option in Bhutan not only provide a glimpse into the daily lifestyle of locals, but will also treat you with their delicious home cooked meal. Some of the home stays are available in from are Haa Valley, Trashigang, and Bumthang. While both the farm stay and home stay provide limited amenities, they are quite sufficient to make it a memorable stay.

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